Member Meeting Minutes for November 21, 2017

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Called to Order

  • Called to Order At: 7:30pm


  • Chad
  • Geno
  • Dave
  • James
  • Alex
  • CW
  • Stephen Zelenko
  • Alan Bachman
  • Joachim
  • Bob
  • Adam Casto

New Members

  • Casey (CCAC engineering student, former mechanic at Kia)
    • Likes Cosplay, props, woodshop, metal shop

Guest Introductions


Makers gonna make - chad

Upcoming Events

  • Shop Clean - Sunday Nov 26th
    • Must come to one shop clean a quarter (instead of Volunteer hours)
  • Tesla Meetup - Wednesday Nov 21st
  • Community Maker Meeting - Mon Nov 27th
  • Learn to Solder Class - Sat Dec 2nd
  • Software and Robotics Meetup - Mon Dec 4th
  • Members Meeting - Wed Dec 6th
  • Lan Party - Fri Dec 8th
  • Learn to Solder Class - Sat Dec 9th
  • Spacegiving - Shop Thanksgiving Potluck
    • Dec 2 at 5pm-8pm
    • CW will send email to mailing list

'* Open for Discussion for 10 min

  • Moving TechShop meetups to HackPGH
    • Stephen Zelenko
    • 1st Tue (Amateur) Radio MeetUp
    • 2nd Tue Drone & UAV Meet-Up
    • 3rd wed Microcontroller Meet-Up
  • James CNC software Vcarve Pro class Dec 30 7:30pm

Shop Updates

  • Making in Pittsburgh Update
    • ProtoHaven crowdfunding event 11/20/17
  • Day Passes
    • Until the beginning of the year
    • HackPGH member helping day pass people, $30 for day pass, if you try it and like it, add $20 for first month.
      • All members present vote in favor
  • Supporting Membership Level
    • Supporting membership, no rfid key or key, $30/month, reocurring, mailing list, discount on classes
      • All members present approve
  • New Laser cutter tube to be installed tonight
  • CNC is being put back together
  • Vending machine now accepts bills and quarters, exact change only
    • Mystery box now has stuff in it

* Open for Discussion for 10 min

Project Updates

  • Joachim programmed an RFID sticker with link to shop light control website
  • Interactive art night (sensors, Arduino)

* Open for Discussion for 10 min

Recognition for AWESOMENESS

* Open for Discussion for 10 min

Move to Adjourn

  • Adjourned at: 8:20pm