Member Meeting Minutes for November 19, 2019

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HackPGH member’s meeting agenda for November 19th, 2019

Call to order

Secretary Becky Zajdel called the meeting to order at 7:42PM.


  • Becky Zajdel, Secretary
  • Bethany Klick, Treasurer
  • Adam Longwill, Board Member
  • Robert Bedel
  • Quara'e Canady
  • Geno Soroka
  • Andy Tracy
  • Taylor Hutson
  • Alex Reasinger
  • Stephen Zalenko via Google Hangouts
  • Chad Elish via Google Hangouts
  • Sean Guzek via Google Hangouts
  • Jacques Parker via Google Hangouts

Quote of the Day

  • "Pro pain and pro pain accessories." -- Hank Hill or rural dominatrix?

New Members/Visitors

None today!

Old business

  • CNC trainings are going well, contact Alex if you'd like to train.
  • Any ideas for WinterHack 2020?
    • Quara'e and Becky will set a date for WinterHack, possibly Valentines-Day themed
  • We have a date for the warm clothing drive! It is on the calendar: Sunday, December 8th.
    • We need volunteers:
      • donating gloves, hats, coats, socks, sweaters
      • sorting and washing existing donations
      • volunteers on the day proper
  • Jeremy is forming the foam and fiber club. That will be posted soon.
  • Becky and Simon will be finishing the paperwork for the $5k grant from McAuley Ministries.

New business

  • We have been asked by Sam Black to create one or two "mini" libraries for the Hill District.
    • Taylor would like to take the lead!
  • The shop has been HORRIBLY MESSY. This is NOT acceptable.
    • Please clean up after yourselves.
    • The following things have been brought up for a vote:
    • 1. If there are items left in the sink more than 24 hours, then they can and will be thrown out.
    • 2. Hack events and special events property will be kept in a locker and will only be used at special events.
    • 3. Infrastructure items (such as keurig filler and pyrexes) are exceptions to this rule and will be kept.
    • 4. HackPGH communal items will now be up for grabs
  • We will be ordering in the brown paper towels
  • WQED will be filming on 11/23 from about 1PM onward.
  • Impromptu shop clean on Friday, 11/22 from 6PM-9PM. The shop clean on Sunday, 11/24 will NOT be cancelled.

Treasurer's Report

  • We have made our first payment to Forest Scientific, and we have two more.
    • We have enough for rent and essentials, and little else!
  • Becky will be launching a "cup of coffee" fundraiser at Christmas. Asking that everyone give $5, no more, no less.

Shop updates

  • BOTH doors and their RFID systems are working! Huzzah!
  • Chad went to Akron's new makerspace open house.

Voting items

  • Alex's proposed clean-up rules.

Recognition for Awesomeness

  • Marissa Botelho


Move to adjourn

The meeting was adjourned at 8:30PM

Meeting notes taken by Becky "The Icebox" Zajdel