Member Meeting Minutes for November 17, 2010

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  • Recent Events
  • Upcoming Events
  • Shop Updates
  • Votes
  • Action Items

Minutes by Agenda Topic

Attendees: Friar, Val, Mandy, Logan, jet, Matt S, Doug, Derrick, Gwen, Chris Y, Willie, Jeff K, Ed, Tim (did chicken dance for being late), Chris T (also did chicken dance!) Guests: Nick, Shane, Stephanie Called to order at 7:15pm

Recent Events

  • Fri Nov 5: Learn to Juggle with Matt S. and Josh - showed off home made juggling balls.
  • Sun Nov 7: WACOM HamFest, Washington PA, 8am-2pm
  • Fri Nov 12: Knit and Crochet night hosted by Matt S. Mandy S. and Susan S. (well attended.)
  • Sun Nov 14: Balloon launched!!! Almost 100 mile! Broken 100K. Data is back, need to get to Component One!

Upcoming Events

  • Fri Nov 19: Jeff to talk about robots! History of robotics, and future directions. Light and Quick.
  • Fri Nov 26: CLOSED: No public event: Thanksgiving
  • Fri Dec 3: Logan's Intro to Mead Making.
  • Fri Dec 10: Matt Judd will present about Concurrency, a parallel programming language for Arduino
  • Fri Dec 17: Origami and other craft ornaments!
  • Tue Dec 21: HOLIDAY Party! OTB 2512 Carson. Details from Gwen, then see Gwen after tonight's meeting for ideas, brainstorming, helping out!
  • Fri Dec 24: Closed: No public event: Christmas Eve
  • Fri Dec 31: Closed: No public event: New Year's Eve

Shop Updates

  • Painting is DONE!!!!
    • We need to start putting the shop back in order.
    • Lets get together on _______ to work on a plan (Matt S)
  • Gas leak has been fixed. "It's still fixed"--Ed.
  • We now have a small tool wall, thanks to Ed.
  • Jeff/Ed - brought in 2 4x8 pegboards.
  • Shop up keep:
    • Trash - Mondays: goes to the front of building, don't use the dumpster.
    • Recycling: every other Monday blue plastic bags. Please bring blue plastic bags.
    • Bathroom cleaning: go through the list of members, once every two weeks.
      • Doodle poll not effective. Multiple suggestions for having list of items in the shop itself. Decide next week.

For next meeting, decide on an action plan.

  • Group out to dinner. Jeff posted a doodle poll (insert link here)
  • Group Goodwill raid for wool.
  • Radio donation from Bill via Tim. They have arrived!

(Doug to send out a link to subscriptions for sub-group emails)


  • Motion to adjourn: passed 19:42