Member Meeting Minutes for November 03, 2010

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  • Recent Events
  • Upcoming Events
  • Shop Updates
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Minutes by Agenda Topic

Attendees: Matt S, Tim, Matt B, Chris, Jeff, Matt M, Lori, Val, Logan, Mandy, Ed

Recent Events

  • Fri Oct 22: Intro to Road Rallying w/Jenny and Doug
  • Mon Oct 25: Balloon software/hardware integration.
    • Everything works except for cell phone integration, will discuss launch plans tonight
  • Fri Oct 29: Harry, Advanced nbEMS.
    • Continuation of his talk from the spring, lots of cool demonstrations

Upcoming Events

  • Fri Nov 5: Learn to Juggle with Matt S. and Josh
  • Pitt ham radio club is running a foxhunt this Saturday (Matt B)
  • Sun Nov 7th: WACOM HamFest, Washington PA, 8am-2pm
    • We've been offered a table, which we'll do if we aren't launching the balloon.
    • Take an LCD and do a slide-show of the balloon.
    • If you're interested in participating, let Matt Stultz know!
    • Doors open for vendor set up at 6am, but Saturday night setup is OK too.
    • VE Session at 10AM! (Another General Ham study class opportunity!)
  • Fri Nov 12: Knit and Crochet night hosted by Matt S. Mandy S. and Susan S..
    • Other fiber arts ok too.
  • Balloon launch.
    • Possibility of launching in the next week
  • Fri Dec 10: Matt Judud will present about Concurrency, a parallel programming language for Arduino

Shop Updates

  • Painting is DONE!!!!
    • We need to start putting the shop back in order.
    • Lets get together on Monday to work on a plan (Matt S)
  • Gas leak has been fixed.
  • We now have a small tool wall, thanks to Ed.


  • Motion to adjourn (unanimous)