Member Meeting Minutes for Nov 5, 2014

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Minutes by Agenda Topic

  • Attendees:
    • Chad
    • Sean
    • Alex
    • Christina
    • Gene
    • Bob
    • Doug
    • Gabe
    • Scott^2

  • Called to order at:


New Members

Recent Events

  • Saturday, October 18th - HackPittsburgh Birthday Celebration (We're 5 years old!)
    • Good
    • Fun
    • Thanks for cooking Gabe
  • Friday, October 24th - Hacking together a costume (or Halloween Hack and Slash)

Upcoming Events

  • Movie Night Nov 21

Upcoming Classes

  • Wireless 101 Nov 9th
  • Learn to Solder Nov 15th
    • ~Five tickets left
  • Build your own theremin class
    • Geno will send cost to Chad
    • Jan 17th, 2015 12-4 (time tentative)

Potential Thursday Night talks/events

  • GIS talk (Geographic Information Systems) - James

Learning Tracks

  • GPS class
    • Progress. This will be the next class.
  • Arduino Track... Next up:
    • Soldering class...

Shop Projects / Updates

  • Window Lights project
    • Progress
  • Tool Power E-Stop
  • Power wheels
    • New Parking
    • Please do not put stuff of "stage" below couch
      • Potentially space for train club underneath.
  • CNC Router
    • Control computer is now hooked up to internet
  • Laser Cutter (AKA Frickin Lasers!)
    • Working... Have a project, check the approval list and get some help!
    • PSA: If you don't know what it is, DON'T CUT IT! It can be dangerous to YOU and the LASER!
    • Rotary Tool Training!
  • 3-D Printer
    • Alex has put back together, is printing, but needs calibration
    • Is proposing replacing heated bed for faster heating
      • Will put together parts list and send out to mailing list
    • Alex is proposing running printer from PC vs. RAMPS board
      • OK for setup and troubleshooting, but preference is to keep RAMPS for general use

Old Business

  • Our bank account was hacked.
    • It's all fixed!
  • New RFID Reader arrived
    • Needs to be mounted, please help
  • Music and technology club
    • Name?

New Business

  • Bin slots are now labeled
  • Christina offers use of Shoppify account for eCommerce
  • MoneySucker made:
    • $77.94
    • 5 buttons
    • piece of Mr Fusion
    • Wad of paper towels
    • flashlight

What can we do to make the shop better?

  • Dues Collector (cash edition)
    • Gabe has bill collector we can use
    • Gabe Doug Alex Chad will work on
  • RFID Door
    • Gabe and Chad
  • Painted Lines on Floor.
    • Volunteers?
  • Safety Officer
    • Chad nominates Gabe
    • Gabe: Don't you F****** dare
  • Christina is new quartermaster

Move to Adjourn

  • Gene
    • Eli Seconds