Member Meeting Minutes for May 23, 2017

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Minutes by Agenda Topic

  • Attendees
    • Dave Coakley
    • Geno
    • Chad
    • James Hyde
    • John Lewis
    • Adam (PittMesh)
    • Corey
    • Jesse
    • Rob Martin
    • Eli
    • Alan Bachman
    • Steve Morrison

Called to Order

  • Called to Order At: 7:35pm

New/Potential Members

  • Alan Bachman
    • Friend of Rob Martin
    • Building rocket launcher kit for cub scouts

Previous Events/Classes

  • Oscilloscope Class (First run is free, no material costs)
    • Will be part of Learning Tracks in the future
    • Scheduled May 5 @7:30pm
  • Remake Learning Days
    • May 15 PNC event and May 20: Learn to Solder Class
  • 3DPPGH - May 10th
    • Big Event! Featuring Ultimaker, MatterHackers, and Matt Stultz from Make: Magazine (aka Our Founder).

Learning Tracks / Classes

  • Motor Control
    • June 17 @ 10am
  • National Week of Making
    • June

Potential Events/Talks/Classes

  • Needs to be rescheduled
    • 8 Year Party
    • Biohacking: The moral Imperative to Build a Better You
    • Fidget Spinner class for kids
      • Dave Coakley and Rob Martin
      • Late June
    • Edge lit acrylic
      • Rob Martin interested in teaching it
      • 21+ BYOB event
    • Welding Class
      • Dave
    • Learn to use Planar and Jointer
      • Steve Morrison or James Hyde
  • Talks
    • John Lewis
      • SSH VNC class

Shop Projects / Updates

  • Autonomous Power Wheels
    • Got parts and sensors
    • Meeting this Thursday to lay out PCB
  • Power Wheels
    • Getting lego car in shape for Detroit race
  • Laser Cutter
  • 3-D Printers
    • Boxzy
    • Mendlemax
    • Makegear
    • 3d printer was donated
      • Need to talk to Ryan
  • Metal Shop
    • Drill Press works
  • Wood Shop
    • James and Dave working on dust collector
    • Tablesaw was wet sanded and waxed
      • Don't put stuff on it, or YOU will learn about wet sanding and waxing!
  • Electronics Workstation
    • Pieces of wall plaster are falling off, need to fix
  • Fabrication Station
    • Has dedicated power, thanks Jesse
      • Some concerns about overloading. Eli will take a look at it.
  • Automatic dues payment system
      • Adam has began making new website
      • Began messing around with rfid code
  • Vending Machine
  • Server
    • Prespi is working again
    • Slideshow Presentation on TV is going back up
  • Misc
  • Safety Report
    • Need to test alarms!
      • Done!
    • We are now requiring anyone who walks into HackPGH who is not a member, sign the release form!
    • Anonymous complaints form online for members to report issues.
  • Redbull Flugtag
    • Jesse needs help with project
    • Need people to work on it

Old Business

  • New Mailing List / Slack/Google Groups - Make it easy for everyone (inclusion)
    • 43 members have signed up
      • We are disabling the freelists mailing list by next meeting
      • Geno will send an email
  • Checklist for various tools to keep track of their condition
    • Will setup soon.
    • Clipboards are here. Progress is being made.
  • Update personal info.
    • We are now requiring a Name, Email and a optional phone number to bin.
    • Emergency Contact info
      • Geno will send email on mailing list with form
    • Bins will be removed if this doesn't happen by next meeting
  • Shop makes a lot of revenue from classes...
    • We want to highly encourage members to teach classes.
  • Becky is working on making us a 501c3
  • Volunteer hours being logged

New Business

  • Chad Visited Noise bridge. Photos after the meeting.
  • Meta Mesh is giving HackPGH super fast speed internet (500Mb of BW)
    • This BW will be shared with low income housing in hill district
    • Adam asks to ban any non project specific servers
    • No torrents
      • There will be an Artemis server on there
  • Do we need the couch in fabrication station?
    • Takes up space, does not get used as a couch much
    • Jesse is offering to take it until we get a larger shop
    • Bring up to vote: Temp take couch to Jesse's house
      • 8 vote in favor
      • 2 abstained
  • Bring up to vote: Take apart bookshelf and use it to build 3d printer table
    • 7 vote in favor
      • 1 abstained
  • Open Streets
    • 5/28/2017 8am-1pm
    • Drawbot, Tardis, Gokarts

Project RollCall

  • Joachim is casting a custom heatsink for his engine

New Member Induction

  • Gary Prischak
    • All board members and at least 3 members approve
      • Full membership approved
  • Cressida Magaro
    • All board members and at least 3 members approve
      • Full membership approved

Move to Adjourn

  • John motions
    • Jesse seconds
  • Adjourned at: 8:32pm
Meeting notes by Geno