Member Meeting Minutes for May 21, 2019

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HackPGH member’s meeting agenda for May 21, 2019

Call to order


Welcome New members



"If the Garage door is open, keep an eye on it."


  • If the garage door is open please keep an eye on it.

Past events

  • Welding classes
    • People welded. They were weld-attended.
  • Clothing swap
    • Cloth was swapped
    • Next time we could use more bags, backpacks, and toiletries, detergent, feminine products, and less furniture.
  • Making laundry soap
    • Need to advertise better
  • Seed starting class -- cancelled
  • More welding -- 101a, 101b, 102
    • Kiefer is DTF. Down to forget about doing anything else and weld.
  • Breathe Uptown meeting
    • GASP! They loved the space.

Events for May and into June

  • Tesla club
    • Wednesday 5/22
  • More welding
  • Bethany wants to do another clothing swap, who's up for that and when?

Old business

  • Sink -- can we get rid of it
    • Chad wants the Slop Sink. The Board says he can take it. He has been informed via Slack.
  • Old tables -- Can we get rid of it
    • Yes, Adam and Phil were going to go through that and sort them. They have not had time to get together and fix them.
  • Scrap lumber sitting around -- can we get rid of it
    • Yes
  • Dust collector updates -- let's just buy it already
    • The board has bought stuff related to this.
  • RFID tool lockout --
    • It broke but you can just un plug it and plug it in again.
  • Bathroom floor -- Marissa needs strong lads and lasses to help empty the bathroom, let's do that ASAP.
    • We may be able to do this at the shop clean.
  • HackPGH's 10th birthday party -- June 1st. Everyone bring cool stuff to show off. Everyone tell your friends, social media, etc.

New business

  • Phil fixed the fork lift. You can now lift forks more easily.
  • If Kiefer is here, we need to verify which welding class he's doing next -- schedule for June 8
  • We have a FAQ on the wiki now -- Thanks Steve Owens for helping
    • Thanks Steve and Simon
  • We have a member's guide as well -- awesomesauce.
  • Back door maglock kinda sucks. Can we either a) ditch it or b) fix it proper? b) is hard.
    • Phil thinks he knows where the strike plate is.
  • Get a goat or get MACHETE.
  • We need area leads!
    • Time to volunteer. Keeps materials stocked, organized
    • We should also order more shirts to thank area leads. Add designs to Red Bubble.

Shop updates

  • Front door now works again! Thanks Steve Owens!
  • Ask Dale about getting more gravel for the parking lot.
  • Cameras -- They now work. I think. We need to add more as well and a monitor outside.
  • Dust collector -- fabrication underway, we need to just man up and buy the machinery
  • RFID stuff -- have parts, need to make prototype
  • We're gonna be signing off on donations now, and please clean up projects. Get ur crap out of here.

Voting items

  • Can we extend the $30/month membership to people on disability?
  • Can we formalize "spouse/financially dependent board members cannot sign each other's expenses"?
  • Can we formalize "Votes must be run by people not involved in them"?

Project updates