Member Meeting Minutes for May 15, 2018

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Called to Order

  • The meeting was called to order at 7:48 PM


  • Chad Elish
  • James Hyde
  • Dave Coakley
  • Becky Zajdel
  • Adam Longwill
  • Adam Casto
  • Justin Goetz
  • Dan Elliot
  • Eli Richter
  • Sean Guzek
  • Bethany Klick
  • Matt Kapiel
  • Steve
  • CW Kreimer
  • Stephen Zalenko

New Members

  • Matt Kapiel
  • Dan Elliot

Guest Introductions

  • There were no guests present today!


No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it. - Albert Einstein

Previous Events

  • Zimbabwe Kids came to HackPGH
    • We had a great time, Adam taught his Computer Building Class
    • We had a pizza party! Check out the photos on Facebook.

Upcoming Events

Shop Updates

  • Maker Faire Pittsburgh
    • We will be working with MakePGH to figure out next steps.
  • Shop Clean Up
    • The Board of Directors should not have to clean up after every mess.
    • Part of making is cleaning up after yourself.
    • If there is an emergency or something similar that takes you away from the area, leave a note or notify the Board.
    • If this issue continues to be a problem, we will start checking the cameras and issuing strikes.
  • Reminder
    • If you are not a member, you cannot use the tools. No exceptions!
    • Every visitor needs to sign a waiver.
    • Parking tickets are going from 30 days to 14 days.
    • Becky and Dave will outline the types of parking tickets on the whiteboard so everyone knows what type of tickets apply.
    • From May 15th, EVERY non-shop-owned item has 30 days unless they have a purpose.
  • Donations and items for the Shop
    • Steve is trying to unload his galvanized steel stand mixer. Please contact him if you'd like it.
    • Jim Somerville is offering hundreds of mint-in-box electrical components. Becky will post photos in the needs wants Slack channel.
    • Dave wants to acquire a TIG-welder for $1,700.
      • Members can donate towards the TIG-welder, or we can allocate Dave's proceeds from his welding class towards a new TIG-welder.
      • We will set up a week-
    • We are also looking for a wood lathe. We have two possible donations.
  • Grants
    • Becky Finalist in Sprout Legacy Grant.
      • She will find out by the end of May if she wins, and if so, she will roll that money into the HackPGH budget.
  • Scholarships
    • Chad's fund is up to $615!
      • We need to thoroughly screen applicants.
      • We will continue to offer free class slots.
  • Outreach
    • Tustin Lot Request for Proposal
      • We are submitting a proposal to bring free public WiFi, a charging station, and art installations at the park.
      • We took photos and will be submitted with the proposal.
  • A motion was made to give Todd Keebler a three-month membership.
    • We will bring it to a Wild Apricot vote. It will stay open for one week.

  • Shop Improvements
    • No one volunteered to improve the restroom, so we are going to focus on redoing the storage area instead.
    • If we get the storage area fixed up, we can then move forward with the wood shop.
      • Sean Guzek, Dan Elliot, and Adam Longwill have volunteered to be the storage room committee.
      • The bins will be moved there as well as all the loose items in the shop.
  • Classes/Training
    • We would like more members sign up to do tool training and classes.
    • Education Lead
      • We have several volunteers for the Education Committee including Bethany Klick, Stephen Zalenko, CW Kreimer, and Simon Heath.
      • We can get the word out at Point Park and Duquesne for an Education internship
    • We are instituting a 72-hour cancellation policy for classes.
      • If you cancel outside of a 72-hour policy, you won't lose your money.
    • We'd like to book classes 2 months in advance.
  • Donations
    • Wood Lathes
  • Elections
    • James is leaving us for a new job in Arkansas.
    • We have three candidates, and the poll will close Monday, May 21st.

Project Updates

  • Bob and Sean are working on the large CNC machine.
  • Stephen Zalenko will be organizing a ham radio meetup to prepare people to take the ham radio test.

Recognition for AWESOMENESS

  • Dave - Fixing Door!

Move to Adjourn

The meeting was adjourned at 9:17 PM.

Becky Zajdel signing off.