Member Meeting Minutes for May 15, 2013

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Minutes by Agenda Topic

  • Attendees:
    • Scott'
    • Scott^2
    • Doug
    • Eli
    • Gabe
    • Gene
    • Chad
    • Anthony
  • Called to order at:

New Members

  •  ? Bathani ?

Recent Events

  • Fri May 3: "Pirate box"
  • Fri May 10: Conductive Ink Pens (Bare Conductive, Instructables provided pens (sort of), and pizza (for real) - (response from Instructables and counter response needed)
    • Event was sucessful in terms turnout and guests had fun, pens though did not work though
    • HackPGH will work with Instructable in the future

Upcoming Events

  • Fri May 17: CoffeeCoffeeCoffee / Artemis all night long
  • Fri May 24: Tentative: Shop Memorial Day BBQ - we need folks to step up and promise to be there (discuss below)
    • Need sponsors!
  • Fri May 31: Finish-It Friday
  • Sat Jun 1: Pgh MMF early bird proposal deadline.
  • Fri Jun 7: DETROIT MAKER FAIRE proposal deadline. Holy Shitake, are we going, or what? WE NEED PROJECTS!
  • Fri Jun 7: Chip can party poppers
  • Sat Jun 8: Intro to sensors
  • Fri Jun 14: Instructable 3D printing night
  • Fri Jun 21: Intro to arc welding
  • Sat Jun 22 (tentative): Intro to motor control
  • Fri Jun 38: Finish it Friday
  • Jul 27-28: Detroit Maker Faire!!!
  • Sun Aug 18: PGH mini maker faire

  • Potential Friday Night talks/events:
    • Hard drive rescue
    • Costuming
    • Flat panel speakers
    • Shop Show-and-Tell (Quarterly) (mid March)
    • Reverse engineering
    • Stepper motor hack challenge

Unscheduled Classes

  • Public welding class
  • Ham radio test (late March/April)
  • CNC milling
  • Q2 Learn to Solder (June)
  • Intro to processing
  • Arduino Track:
    • Learn to Solder
    • Intro Programming
    • Sensors (May 31??)
    • Intro to Motor Control (June?)
    • Advanced Motor Control (July?)

Project/Shop Updates

  • Power Bill
    • Now $106! 60% increase in usage over
    • Dan's sensor data?
  • New RFID scanner under test/eval.
    • Looks like only advantage is that it reads PAT Bus passes?
  • MAC Machine must go!
    • MAC Machine is new?
  • Window Lights project - lights in the windows!
    • Hardware has been installed in project box
    • Gene is working on syncing the prototyping board with the outside display
  • 3D Printer
    • Is printing somewhat consistently, still not ready for public use, but see Eli or Chad if you want to request to have something printed
  • Server Rack / network
    • Still need to figure out billing. Dan's data vs. Killawatt
  • Security cameras
    • Recording not operational, device seems to kill drives?
  • Powerwheels
    • Frame construction is starting now
  • Dayton Hamvention?
    • Jeff not taking stuff.

New Business

  • Mugs - Gabe needs interest level/count
    • Will make a dozen mugs to start with
  • Picnic planning - can we do it?
    • Dale says about 35 people upstairs. Figuring half bring SOs, about 50ish max from upstairs, plus our members plus ???
    • Doug can get supplies (burgers, hot dogs, veggie burgers, buns, katsup, relish)
    • We need several folks to promise to be here to run the grills, etc.
    • Gabe: Status of mega death grill machine?
  • Request for outside visitor to UAV/Quadcopter meeting, time to open it up? Liability issues...
  • Where to put pictures of shop events (Conductive Ink, plus others). Flickr for good picts, but ??? for raw data/shoe box picts
  • Green garbage bin is now being used to store FILLED AND TIED bags, must be taken up to the curb every Monday

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Scott Second by Chad