Member Meeting Minutes for May 02, 2020

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HackPGH member’s meeting minutes for May 2nd, 2020

Call to order

Special member's meeting to talk about re-opening the shop post COVID-19

Called to order at 6:15ish PM.


  • Asher Klick
  • Simon Heath
  • Adam Longwill
  • Alex
  • Andrew C
  • Kwame Wright
  • Geno
  • Tom Featherston


  • We will open when Allegheny County's advisory status is yellow instead of red. This is up to the state and, to a lesser extent, the city. We can't really know when it will happen.
  • We will limit the number of people in the shop -- something like 3 for each side? Open for adjustment.
  • We will have it set up so you can reserve time to be there online, similar to the laser cutter scheduling. It should be easy to show up and not be stepping on other peoples' toes or such.
  • We will have a system where you can mark what tools/area you're working in, so we don't have people clashing schedules over the 3D printers or such
  • We will have to wear masks! Always.
  • We will have to disinfect shared PPE (eye glasses, hearing protection), wash your hands before entering and after leaving the shop, and disinfect your work space after (and ideally before) you are done.
  • If you have respiratory problems, a poor immune system, or work with elderly/in the medical field, please stay home if possible!
  • If you catch COVID-19, please let everyone know so we can deal with it! Find out who might have been in contact with you, make sure they get tested. Also sanitize the shop and probably close it for whatever the lifetime of the virus is.

Things we need to get set up for this

  • We need to get the scheduling system set up -- Chad and the board are going to be working on that
  • We will need volunteers to help clean and disinfect the space regularly -- at least once a week!
  • We need to find guidelines on how to best disinfect the space and how long we will need to close if someone does catch COVID to make sure it's all dead before we let people back in
  • We need to get this info on the website and also probably posted in the shop

PPE Project

Kris Kunihiro and Chad Elish have been mostly running this. They've been making over 300 face masks per day, designed by Protohaven and mostly built on the laser cutter. Nolan, Ben and Brian have also helped.

The funding comes from PPE Connect PGH, and the masks go to them to be distributed to health and public service workers -- so far mostly in Washington County. The contract is basically up because their grant has been used up, but they are working on another grant. The volunteers have been getting paid a little bit to do this, and have been paying the shop for the laser time used. It's totaled over $900 for the shop so far.

Chad says they do want to be able to keep making masks in the shop but are willing to do it at weird hours so they don't get in the way of people using the laser cutter etc.

Shop finances

  • We've been making about $1700 a month, our operating expenses are like $2500 per month
  • We have something around $8000 in the bank currently
  • So we are in an uncomfortable position but not a critical one if we can open up in some capacity in the next month or two
  • We need to start thinking hard about fundraising, last time we did this it was super successful

Other notes

  • Mold is still a problem, as far as we know the landlord Dale was getting ready to do something about it and was interrupted by the pandemic.
  • If the shop stays closed for much longer, can we look at getting the Adobe Creative Suite licenses set up so other computers can use them?

Move to adjourn

* Adjourned at 6:54 PM