Member Meeting Minutes for March 7, 2018

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Called to Order

  • 7:32pm


  • Chad Elish
  • Geno Soroka
  • Eli Richter
  • James Hyde
  • Cory Tunner
  • Robert Schromeyer
  • Bob Berger
  • Steve Owens
  • Victoria Kerestes
  • Rob Martin
  • Jesse Latimer
  • Joe Larsen
  • Becky Zajdel
  • Jared Jennings
  • Sean Guzek
  • Dave Coakley (hangouts)
  • Alan Bachman (hangouts)

New Members

  • Victoria Kerestes
    • Artist
  • Joe Larsen
    • Electronics, 3d printers
  • Cory Tunner
    • Software

Guest Introductions


“Most hackers are young because young people tend to be adaptable. As long as you remain adaptable, you can always be a good hacker.” ― Emmanuel Goldstein

Upcoming Events

Shop Updates

  • Party
    • Great Success!
    • We made $570
    • Thank you everyone, it was definitely a team effort!
  • Expansion
    • We're in the new space!
    • Had an odd smell... Talked to LandLord. He's Checking.
    • Expansion committee is figuring out what we move in the new space.
    • They would like some help! Contact Rob to get plugged in.
    • Expecting grant results in April
  • Issue with gas heater in old side of the shop, if you turn the heater on, turn it ALL the way off, VERY IMPORTANT!
  • New Padlocks on doors
    • Must lock both doors
    • Mix up the code after you open the door!
    • Check email or Slack for code.
  • Family Memberships for adults
    • Voting: 15 yes, 2 abstained
    • Details to be decided next meeting, Eli motions, Sean 2nds
  • New Opportunities
    • Help city to make UpTown Streets safer
      • Art in UpTown Streets
      • Bring it up on Slack, get committee together
    • World Create Day (Hackaday) March 16th
    • Seneca St Community Garden
      • Need help to decorate, add cool gadgets
      • Committee: Jesse, Sean, Steve Owens,Cory
      • Slack channel will be created for this
    • PI Day
    • March for Science in April
      • People are interested
  • Becky MetaMesh Update
    • Party coming end of April
    • Raising money for free internet for Inner City
      • Cool stuff will be raffled
      • Need volunteers and help for the party
  • Elections
    • Staggered board
    • Geno is stepping down after 3 years of service
      • Comment from Geno: Being on the board is like having a 2nd job, make sure you are able to commit if you run
      • Thus at least one board position needs to be filled by someone, please nominate yourself!
    • Elections at Next members meeting March 20
    • Need nomination person
      • Steve Owens

* Open for Discussion for 10 min

  • Tesla Coil Class
    • Mark Barlow
      • Sometime in April
  • Sean is working on CNC
    • If you have ideas, let him know
    • $50-100 available for upgrades
  • Chad and Steve Owens had success with custom RFID Wild Apricot based door system
  • Slack Channel for parking tickets
  • Maker Faire PGH 2018

Project Updates

* Open for Discussion for 10 min

Recognition for AWESOMENESS

* Open for Discussion for 10 min

Move to Adjourn

  • Adjourned at: 8:57pm
    • Meeting Notes by Geno Soroka