Member Meeting Minutes for March 21, 2017

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Minutes by Agenda Topic

  • Attendees
    • Chad
    • Eli
    • James Hyde
    • Geno
    • Corey
    • Adam Casto
    • Dave Coakley
    • John Lewis
    • Jesse
    • Samantha Black
    • Daniel Nigro
    • Jacques
    • Alex Reasinger
    • JET (Google hangouts)
    • Keith Elliot (Google hangouts)

Called to Order

  • Called to Order At: 7:31pm

New/Potential Members

  • Samantha Black
    • Artist, 3d printing and etching
  • Daniel, welder, knows a lot about mechanical stuff

Previous Events/Classes

  • Welding Class
    • Chad, Dave, and Jesse learned to weld chain lamp
      • They will teach public for $70 a ticket, 4 people at a time

Learning Tracks / Classes

  • Arduino: Intro to Sensors April 1, 10am-2pm

Potential Events/Talks/Classes

  • Scheduled
    • March 19: Intro to Welding, Akron Makerspace
      • Got gas for welder
    • March 25: Biohacking: The moral Imperative to Build a Better You
    • March 25: MetaMesh: Ethernet cable class / Talk
    • March 25: Raspberry Pi VPN
    • April 21: Hacking Food and Drink part 2 @ 7:30pm- 9pm
  • Talks
    • John Lewis- PittMesh DNS/Server talk
    • Geno- Oscilloscope Class, Friday night talk
  • Classes
    • John Balacko
      • Neopixels class
    • Chad
      • Edge lit acrylic

Shop Projects / Updates

  • Autonomous Power Wheels
    • John Lewis bought new laptop
    • Gained additional members working on project
  • Power Wheels
    • Need to rewire batteries
    • Detroit Maker Faire race is next race
  • Laser Cutter
    • Need a few New Fire Extinguisher
      • Walmart or Amazon
      • CO2 for laser cutter
  • 3-D Printers
    • Boxzy
      • Put Octoprint on it so we can move the laptop and use for embroidery machine and etc
    • Mendlemax
    • Adam Casto fixed it.
      • Upgrade extruder and bed level sensor
      • Ryan and Chris will buy these parts cheap at the trade show
    • Makegear
      • Needs TLC
  • Metal Shop
    • Welding table
    • Welding curtains ordered
  • Wood Shop
    • Dust Collection System
      • James Hyde looking into it
    • Flammable material cabinet
      • Dave's on it.
    • Need table saw
  • Electronics Workstation
    • Adam Casto cleaned and reorganized soldering/electronics station, Thank You!!!
  • Fabrication Station
    • It’s Moved!
    • Need power to Fabrication Station.
    • Embroidery machine
      • See Chad for Training
    • Vinyl Cutter
      • Broken. Ordered parts.
        • Currently in NY
  • Automatic dues payment system
      • Adam Casto will take over
      • Adam has began making new website
  • Vending Machine
    • Coin Hopper and Accepter is working (Jacques)
      • Need to wire into arduino.
      • It's on Trello!
  • Server
    • Updated google hangouts
    • Working on projector auto connect system
  • Misc
    • Attach power strip into table
  • Safety Report
    • Need to test alarms, first members meeting of month
    • This needs done next meeting!
  • Loft above garage door

Old Business

  • New Mailing List / Slack/Google Groups - Make it easy for everyone (inclusion)
    • Motion passed, New board will work on it.
  • Checklist for various tools to keep track of their condition
    • Will setup soon.
    • Need to buy small clipboards.
  • Dave found new laser cutter acrylic place Total Plastics on North Side, bulk buy, need multiple people to order
  • Jacques found cheap place for bulk plywood, Allegheny Plywood in Lawrenceville

New Business

  • Update personal info.
    • We are now requiring a Name, Email and a optional phone number to bin.
    • Emergency Contact info
  • Make HackPGH a Sparkfun/Adafruit reseller.
    • After the vending machine project is done.
  • We are now requiring anyone who walks into HackPGH who is not a member, sign the release form!
  • Keep stock of acrylic and plywood for laser cutter for people to buy.
    • Wait until we have somewhere to put it and inventory system is finished
  • Lets postpone the party, and advertise it better next time
  • Grindhouse wants to film in the shop
    • Living Superhumans
      • 11 people vote in favor, 2 abstained, 1 against
  • Special note on website to potential filmmakers
  • Getting new full size fridge
  • Closing shop for few hours for creating Pittsburgh cards against humanity aka Cards for Jagoffs
    • 6 people vote in favor, none abstained or against
  • Redbull aircraft challenge
    • August 4-6
      • Lets get team together
      • Need team captain

Project RollCall

  • John Lewis is turning PC Duino and switch into a bitcoin server
  • Alex is casting more bronze, re-making flywheel
  • Corey made an LED Street Fight sign on laser cutter

New Member Induction

  • Becky Zajdel
    • All members present and board members approve
  • Robert Atkison
    • All members present and board members approve
  • Danny Sullivan
    • Members present and board members did not approve
      • Please contact board at for further details

Move to Adjourn

  • Eli motions
    • John seconds
  • Adjourned at: 9:01pm
Meeting notes by Geno