Member Meeting Minutes for March 21, 2012

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Copied from Mar 7th version, edit as agenda until meeting happens.

Minutes by Agenda Topic

Attendees: Doug, JET, Eli, Sarita, Dan, Laura, Val, Scott Called to order at 19:30

New Members


Recent Events

  • Mar 6: Lock Pick?
  • Mar 8: Knot Tying Club
  • Fri Mar 9 - Secret compartment books
  • Mon Mar 12 - Power Wheels kick-off meeting (Eli) -> continuing Mondays
  • Wed Mar 14 - Balloon Project kick-off meeting (Doug) -> continuing Wednesdays
  • Fri Mar 16 - Linux install fest.

Upcoming Events

  • Fri Mar 23 - FinishIT Fri
  • Tue Mar 27 - Mythbusters (per list emails, donate shirts, hoodies, etc?)
  • Fri Mar 30 - Potential Luke Talk about early telephones
  • Fri Apr 6 - Unblurred/GAGI Festival (HackPittsburgh @ Cotton Factory)
  • Fri May 11 - Line Following Robot (Eli)

Upcoming Classes

  • Sat Mar 24th: Physical Pixel - Doug
    • Would be great if we could have some Arduino based Robot makers present to show off how far this can go.
  • Sat Apr 14th: Soft Circuits class w/ex-member Elizabeth - confirmed date.
  • Start thinking of May class possibilities: - decide March 7th (TODAY) (Tabled momentarily)
    • PCB class (Matt B -- will get back to us next week)
    • Welding class for members prior to general public welding class
    • Solar powered mesh network (follow up to Sayan's talk)
    • Basic Tool Safety (Jet)
    • ...
  • Future Class: Learn-to-Solder reprise
  • Fri May 11 - Line Following Robot (Eli)

Outside Events

  • April 5th: Lock Pick Club
  • April 14th: Robot fest: Baltimore's MiniMakerFaire - Laura is going, wants to know if anyone else is interested, if we want to do something as a shop, etc. - ask Laura to send to the list.
  • April 14th: Notacon - Cleveland, Ohio, Art/Hacking/Tech conference.
  • April 27th: Cyborg Cabaret (Moved from Apr 14th)
  • Pyrotopia - April 28th at the Kerry Furnace. Various levels of volunteers needed.
  • Potential Rope making - waiting for details from jet (just need to give a few weeks/month notice)
  • Open Source Fab night - April 10, possible talk, details to come.
  • jQuery is defunct. Node.js wants to use shop, need membership sponsor, last call. Need to send email to general membership for last call.

Outside requests

  • Member Dan Klinedinst is doing a movie Last Line Of Defense: A Hacker Documentary ( is looking for interested participants
  • Nonmember: Oakland’s Mornin’ Old Sport are planning a 2-month tour in support of their new album. They'll probably be touring as a 5 or 6 piece band, in their veggie-oil-fueled school bus. EPK available here:
  • Romibo - Aubrey from CMU wants to have use be alpha testers in March. We're not yet sure how public/private she wants the alpha testing to be.
  • SpaceUP PGH un-conference - looking for organizers, eventually volunteers
  • Make Anything! casting call for makers
  • Invitation for makers for Bike workshop at Children's Museum

Shop Updates

  • Make Magazine subscription fund
  • Electrician Update
  • Death Row disposition
  • Funds raised so far from eBay sales: $725(old number)

Motion to adjourn: 20:25