Member Meeting Minutes for Mar 19, 2019

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Called to Order

  • The meeting was called to order at: 7:39 PM


  • Simon Heath, President
  • Sean Guzek, Vice President
  • Bethany Klick, Treasurer
  • Becky Zajdel, Secretary, via Hangouts
  • Phil Garrow
  • Rachel Ballance
  • Dave Olcott
  • CW Kreimer
  • Chad Elish, Totally Not President Anymore
  • Kris Kunihiro
  • Rajshekar ???
  • Beebo Esch
  • Geno Soroka, via Hangouts
  • Joe Newcomer, via Hangouts
  • Simon Heath, Board Member ELECT, via Hangouts


Do excellent things. Imagine excellence and make it happen. Use the resources of the shop in new and creative ways. Inspire others with the projects that you do.

Become excellent. Strive for excellence in everything you do. Take pride in your process, as well of the quality of the work you produce. Develop new skills and teach others to become more skilled.

Be excellent to each other. Create community that expresses excellence. Help maintain a space that inspires others to create, as you have been inspired. Contribute to the richness of resources of the shop by being a resource for others.


  • Reminder: YOUR DUES pay for hack's electricity, less money spent on electricity means more money spent on tools. Enterprising members figuring out how to save electricity are welcome! Prime candidates are the refrigerators (and servers?).
  • Also Dale is planning to install HVAC of some kind sooner or later, at which point we will also pay our own heating... so get used to it.
  • Weird smells? People have been complaining of such in the shop area. Anyone investigating would be grateful, if possible.

Past Events

  • Welding workshop, Bethany + Kiefer -- great success
  • Amateur radio meetup
  • LAN party? Probably cancelled
  • Soldering class -- great success

Future Events

  • 20th: Microcontroller meetup
  • 23rd: SMAW welding class, new teacher
  • 26th: Arduino class
  • 29th: Circuit design class
  • 30th: Computer building class
  • 31st: SHOP CLEAN!
  • April 2nd: Amateur radio meetup
  • April 3rd: Member's meeting!
  • Imahara talk - Wednesday march 20th at 7 pm
  • Three Rivers Comicon -- Jeremy might hook us up and get us in with the Tardis, April 12th
  • Cranberry Township Maker Faire -- Do we want to do something with this? May 11th

Old Business

  • Vote for camera stuff passed, yay
  • We need to figure out exact wording of the proposal of work-for-membership and get a vote up on that. Talk to Protohaven about that, they've done it pretty successfully. We'd think of asking 4 hours per week or so. Other proposal: day passes, $25/day or something. We need to come up with a concrete proposal.

Shop Updates

  • Whose giant annoying sink is that? It was donated by Protohaven. Can we do something with it? If not, Chad wants it.
  • Vinyl cutter is Foo's, can we ask him to get it back? Members feel like that's okay.
  • Old jointer and planer are on loan, we should ask them to take it back too. Ask Chad who gave them. Steve Morrison
  • PA system is also Foo's, opinions differ on whether we want it.
  • We should have labels for donations and loaned tools so that a) we can thank them and b) we know who to call to get rid of them. And hey, we're getting an engraving machine!
  • Can we put power wheels stuff on the palette rack? Sure.

New Business

  • We need a FAQ! People generally agree. We can print out big posters and stick them around the shop.
  • We need a Visiting Hacker policy -- one shot and short visits both. We also need a better awy to put interested parties in touch with members who may want to build things for them. Day passes?
  • Mailing list! CMU hosts a public mailman server, mailchimp is also nice. We've had like five mailing lists and a forum over the years. Officially they are called the Hackpocraphy.
  • We need dust collection systems! Phil has a good design, anyone else? CW has Objections, then left after the meeting before we could get together and figure out what's up.
  • Let's keep the Class Train rolling.
  • T-shirts, stickers and other swag are going to be available, if anyone has suggestions for print-on-demand services we can try. Also variations/enhancements on the logo are welcome, we should make a public google drive or something.
  • Hack's TENTH ANNIVERSARY is this month! Let's plan a party! Early summer, once the weather is nice? Early May perhaps.
  • Whiteboard needs to get cleaned off before Joe's class, let's do it this weekend.
  • Some guy has a panto engraver, will give it to us for $100, Kris knows how to use it. Also, power hacksaw, lathe (maybe). Where is it: McKee's Rocks, ish. Let's do it. We have enough people in this room ready to pay for it. At worst it's worth that much in scrap or more.
  • Phil suggestion for Website: Hack Portfolio, of all the COOL STUFF that's been around here. General consensus: Hellz to the yeah
  • CW: Talked to Turner's Anonymous, they are probably not going to be doing their stuff in HackPGH. We made the top three at least.

Local outreach stuff:

  • Let's start talking to local non-profits, libraries, etc, teach classes elsewhere. Sam has given us ideas for a Path To Diversity.
  • Joe already tried to reach out to Carnegie Library, got kinda frozen out, might be worth talking to them again.
  • Schools need clearances if we want to get schools involved, we can get them but it's a PITA.
  • Chad: We already have a budget for scholarships for memberships, $500+. Wants to give 3 months of membership to 3 people. Wants to have ways for members to put money in for a scholarship -- people in cohort might be able to come back and teach. "Students of HackPGH" -- wants to have a discounted membership for them ($30), brings it up to a vote, seconded by CW.
  • Concern from Phil: Mentoring, oversight. Chad wants to do weekly oversight with him and Sam, with an interview with them and the Board. CW suggests having part of all funds from classes to go to the scholership fund.

Voting Items

  • New Cameras and System.
    • $900. Included camera and server.
    • We will sell old cameras.
  • New Membership Level
    • The new board will send a vote out about this.

Recognition for AWESOMENESS

  • Phil and Kris for making the palette rack
  • Sam, for ideas

Move to Adjourn

The meeting was adjourned at: 8:50 PM

Minutes written by: Simon "Icefox" Heath