Member Meeting Minutes for June 28, 2009

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Minutes by Agenda Topic

Open council seat

  • Andy has decided to withdraw his nomination due to concerns that he can't put in the time
  • Marty accepts the vacant council position

Shop hours

  • Saturdays are temporarily removed from the open hours
    • Afternoon/evening interest is lower than expected
    • Will consider opening the shop on a case-by-case basis
  • July signups are available for "office hours"
    • $30 is due for members who did not put in volunteer hours
    • It will be possible to meet the volunteer requirement in ways other than office hours
    • We'll organize workdays on Saturdays


  • Recap of event
    • Successful event
    • About 25 people
    • A few folks are interested in membership
  • Discussion of rain ingress
    • Dale is looking into the leaks
    • Nick to follow up with Dale on leaks
  • HackPittsburgh will begin hosting DevHouse on a monthly basis
    • Karl is stepping down
      • His partner has moved back to SF
      • They're trying to figure out how to administer it and keep it running
    • Marty and Matt proposed an arrangement
      • DevHouse every other month on Tuesday
      • Held at HackPittsburgh
      • Less admin necessary to find spaces, etcetera
      • Details still in flux

Shop status

  • Nick to follow up with Dale on
    • Electricity
    • The broken door
  • Painting should continue
  • Door access / RFID system
    • Design phase
    • Need fixed door
    • Need electricity
    • Need to get a few people together to work on the tech

Friday nights

  • Very successful in terms of events
  • Will continue
  • Send ideas to Matt
  • This coming Friday
    • Do we have an event this Friday due to the holiday?
    • Folks do seem to be interested
    • Need someone to organize it
  • Is it possible to have events on other nights?
    • Proposal: organize it around office hours
    • Office hour owner propose/set a "theme" for that night


  • Electricity in the shop is tight
  • Hold Freeduino and Physical Pixel again to build interest for servos
  • Steve is planning a Ruby/Arduino class
  • Nick is planning a MakerBot class

  • Forest has some logo samples
    • He'll post them to the forums

Action Items


  • Follow up with Dale on:
    • Leaks
    • Electricity
    • Broken door


  • Post logo samples to the forum