Member Meeting Minutes for June 20, 2012

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Minutes by Agenda Topic

  • Attendees: Sarita, Jeremy, Scott, Doug, Scott^2, Eli, jet, Zehn, Ashley
  • Called to order at 7:34pm

New Members

  • Daniel Orlowski (not present at previous meeting)
  • Ethan/EJ/E Strauss (not present at previous meeting)
  • Zehn Lotus
  • Ashley Baldauf-Kreil
  • QUICK (Names only!) intro of existing members and council members and their roles.

Recent Events

  • Thu Jun 7th - Lock Pick
    • started work on safe cracking robot - need more powerful stepper motor
  • Fri Jun 8th - sous vide (Scott)
    • ~10 attended
  • Sat Jun 9th: PCB Class (Matt)
    • widely positive feedback, full class at 12
  • Sat Jun 9th - Pittsburgh Tech Fest
  • Tue Jun 12th - Open Source Hardware
    • demoed rep-rap, Jet may be able to make metal parts for MendalMax for shop
  • Thu Jun 14th - Knot Tying
    • no knot tying representation at mini maker faire
  • Fri Jun 15th - Open Source Intelligence Gathering (Dan K) - Movie

Upcoming Events

  • Fri Jun 22nd - Wind Turbines (Gabe)
    • need to find location for turbine pole
  • Sat Jun 23rd - getting started with electroluminescent wire
    • 2 tickets sold, this session may be canceled and combined with second session
  • Mon Jun 25th - Quanti filming in the shop! Represent! 7pm or earlier if possible
  • Fri Jun 29th - lockpicking talk (Scott)
    • Dan to give talk(?)
  • Sat Jun 30th - Pgh Mini Maker Faire 1st round proposals deadline!
    • notified on 12th July
  • Sat Jul 14th - getting started with electroluminescent wire - ticketing for both
  • Fri Sep 14th - 3pm visit to Google (Scott has details)
    • show off projects, impress Google
  • Fri Jul 6
  • Fri Jul 13
  • Fri Jul 20 - Finishit Friday * Detroit edition
  • Fri Jul 27 - Gone for Maker Fair Detroit
  • Potential Friday Night talks/events:
    • Aug 3 or 10th: Sprout Fund -meet and greet to introduce them to us, and visa versa (see info@ email)
    • Tim cyborg talk (need to email him)
    • Hard drive rescue
    • Steampunk 101
    • Luc talk
    • El wire talk
    • Costuming

Unscheduled Classes

  • Intro to Processing class w/val either 7/21 or 8/25 - shop needs to decide.
    • set for Aug 25
  • Sat in August (maybe early early October): advanced electroluminescent wire
    • tentatively Aug 18
  • Welding class for members prior to general public welding class
    • July 7 or Aug 4
  • Solar powered mesh network (follow up to Sayan's talk)
  • Motor Controller class - Anthony
  • Soft Circuits II - Liz/Doug Oct/Nov
    • tentatively early Oct

Maker Faires!

  • Only 5!! weeks until Detroit!
    • need to figure out who coming and what they are bringing and figure out transport
  • Maker Faire Chicago - August 3-5 power wheels focus, individual projects only
  • Maker Faire Pittsburgh September 22

Project Updates

  • Power Wheels
    • need drivers and gadgets
  • LEAD Balloon
    • aiming for July Launch

Shop Updates

  • RFID door-lock project
    • chugging along, making progress
  • Button Machine - Order has been placed.
  • Council Member position now open

New Business

  • Total electrical build-out cost $
  • Looking into options for alternative to paypal

Motion to adjourn: 8:3x (exact time not recorded) Scott