Member Meeting Minutes for June 19, 2018

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Called to Order

  • The meeting was called to order at 7:35 PM


  • Chad Elish
  • Dave Coakley
  • Becky Zajdel
  • Bob Berger
  • Rob Martin

New Members

Guest Introductions


Diversity is our strength. -chad

Previous Events

  • Lan Party
  • The Purge (Shop Clean)
  • Computer classes
  • Open for 5 min

Upcoming Events

Shop Updates

  • Tresury Report
  • Discuss discounted memberships.
    • Becky will put a vote out on WildApricot on whether or not to give the Board of Directors the ability to give short-term promotional discounts in order to bring more people into the shop.
  • Outreach
    • Assemble
      • Rob meeting with them tomorrow.
    • Bicentennial Partners Recognition Celebration – June 11th from 4-6PM.
      • Becky has RSVPed for herself and Jesse.
      • We want to donate one of the first ornaments that was cut at our shop.
  • Shop Improvements
    • Shop area... We need to move fast
  • CNC
  • Power Racing

Project Updates

Recognition for AWESOMENESS

Move to Adjourn

The meeting was adjourned at:

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