Member Meeting Minutes for June 18, 2019

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HackPGH member’s meeting agenda for June 18th, 2019

Call to order

  • Sean called the meeting to order at 8:14 PM.


  • Sean Guzek, Vice-President
  • Bethany Klick, Treasurer
  • Becky Zajdel, Secretary
  • Robert Bedel
  • Alex Reasinger
  • Phil Garrow
  • Kevin German via Hangouts
  • Geno Soroka via Hangouts

Old business

  • The vote for the fridge has passed, we just need to pick it up from Lowe's.
  • Robert will have the 10% of profits from Steel City Interface keyboards by the end of the month

New business

  • CNC Proposal by Alex Reasinger
    • Reached out to Avid CNC (CNC Router Parts), met and spoke for a while
    • 600 dollar savings from free shipping. Response about further discounts, developing guided plans for discounts, at this time cannot apply any additional discounts.
    • Two quotes from Avid (below)
    • Weren't thrilled with us using our own spindle, asked about full kit/without spindle for free shipping. Free shipping is not conditional on getting their spindle.
    • Two methods of buying the machine:
      • The option is we can buy a 4x4 router table and use our own spindle, that would be $9500
      • The second option if we use their full turnkey solution is $11,760
        • funding options: donation box
  • Bethany spoke to Forest Scientific, another potential CNC provider
    • Forest is trying to get us a 3-year warranty, meeting us at other provider's quotes, in-shop-setup, etc.
      • A $10,000 ticket price is potentially worth a 3-year warranty
      • Bethany will talk to Forest and get back to us.
  • Fresh Fest (August 10th)
    • Fresh Fest is the only Black-run beer fest in the country
    • We will make a few proofs with the Fresh Fest logo and make coasters and be sponsors
  • We want to make thank-you coasters for our 10-year anniversary party
    • Shop N' Save, Wilkins Township
    • Dad's Pub and Grub, "Kelvo"
    • Tyler Mountain Water, Doug Hupe
  • Bethany saw a presentation about MakerNet in Chattanooga
    • Website:
    • MakerNet is an online solution for managing makerspaces.
    • An alternative to Wild Apricot!
    • They are asking more Maker Spaces to join the beta.
      • They use Stripe (as opposed to PayPal) to move funds.
  • Kevin German will be leading Hack's GitHub channel

Shop updates

  • We got a 10-year anniversary card from The Bodgery in Madison, WI

Voting items

  • No voting items today.

Project updates

  • None today

Move to adjourn Meeting was adjourned at 9:12 PM Minutes written by Becky "The Icebox" Zajdel