Member Meeting Minutes for June 18, 2014

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Minutes by Agenda Topic

  • Attendees:
    • Gene
    • Dan
    • Jim
    • Chad
    • Doug
    • Anthony
  • Called to order at:
    • 7:30pm

New Members

Two new members, neither showed up. Simon and Tom. If you see them around, say hi!

Recent Events

  • Friday June 13th: Artemis Night
    • Not well attended.

Upcoming Events

  • Friday 20th: Chainmail (Andrew), We have not heard from him. Postponed
  • Thursday June 26th: Sketch-Up
  • Thursday July 10th: High Security Locks

Upcoming Classes

  • Arduino without Arduino IDE
    • Greg
    • 28th of June 1-4pm (Postponed, no word from Greg)
  • Build your own theremin class
    • Geno
    • July 12th: 10a-3pm

Potential Thursday Night talks/events

  • (Recurring) game night second Friday every month, switch between digital(video games) and analog(board games)
    • No Thursday event preceding day (possibly do Galileo on this Thursday)
  • (Recurring) Shop Show-and-Tell (Quarterly)
    • Next scheduled in sometime in May
  • (Recurring) Sketchup
  • Finite State Machines
    • Contact Anthony/Greg
  • Build your own h-bridge
  • Object Oriented Software development
    • Contact Greg/Joey
  • Reverse engineering
    • The ATM
    • The G35 Light protocol
  • OpenCV/Computer Vision
    • Contact Anthony
  • High security locks
  • Anyone?

Unscheduled Classes

  • Welding class for members
    • We need to talk to Gabe for scheduling.
    • Waiting on Gabe. Can handle 7-8 students. A few bucks for class materials and pizza.
    • Still pending..............

Learning Tracks

  • Arduino Track:
    • Learn to Solder (done)
    • Intro Programming (done)
    • Diode Shield (Done)
    • Sensors, sensors, sensors!
      • Postponed. TBD.
      • Sonar, IR range Accelerometer
    • Analog circuits (OpAmps)
      • May TBD
      • Try to get a date soon.
    • Intro to Motor Control
    • Advanced Motor Control
  • GPS
    • Intro to GPS, NMEA, Parsing, Lat/Long, Display in Processing
    • Syllabus?

Shop Projects

  • Window Lights project - lights in the windows!
    • Gene is working on syncing the prototyping board with the outside display
    • Need to add switch to toggle between board and lights
    • The software group is working on this on the first and third Monday nights of every month... Come out
    • Now uses a hardware timer
  • High altitude balloon
    • Combined meeting with UAV club
    • The second monday of every month is a ballon project!
    • We are looking for experiments!! <Send Email to list>
  • Power wheels
    • Delorian!!! Going to start from a clean sheet
    • We meet on some Tuesdays, its a on a need to know basis
    • Found a controller for the Jeep (needs diode for controller protection)
    • Software group will start working on Telemetry data...
      • Contact Greg/Gary
  • CNC Router
    • Eli got a computer (needs tested).
    • We need to finish assembling.
    • Need to make an enclosure.
    • It has been taken down, need to built a table and storage for components
  • Setup e-stop for tools
    • Gabe and Chad to work on RFID control for tool area.
    • Progress
      • Gabe started... has some things done. Still have to mount the inclosure and such.
    • Gabe got another reader. Needed to use the one to this for the door.

Shop Updates

  • 3D Printer
    • Bed has been aligned
    • Workstation Added for 3-D Printer
      • It's Re-Setup!
    • Re-occurring SketchUp/3d printer class.
      • TRAINING!!! Talk to Chad or Eli!
    • We have Black, Gold and White Filament.
    • Pay System
      • We will be using a Gram Scale for now. (Honor System)
      • Pricing @ 5 cents a gram!.
  • Server Rack / Network
    • Adam's Server Broke
    • Need to work out how to remote into server for admin
  • Mugs
    • $15 each
    • In stock in the shop! BUY ONE

Shop Project Ideas

  • DrawBot
  • Window web interface
  • Refrigerator to TARDIS.
    • Chad to buy paint.

Old Business

  • Laser Cutter (AKA Frickin Lasers!)
    • Waiting on treasurer. They want us to do a Wire Transfer.
  • Chad created opt-in contact list on Google docs
    • contact info for members to contact each other
    • Contact a board member for access!
  • Carnegie Library would like to know if we could give a talk about HackPGH and give a demonstration
    • We will need projects and people to present
    • Decided to request the date of 8/23
      • Create a form for people to signup for an email when interested in more information about joining
  • Garage Sale June 21st!
    • Will sell
      • Metal punch (Junior)
      • DVD duplicator (On Craigslist)
      • 10a-2pm!
      • Bring your own stuff to sell, but don't leave it if it doesn't sell
  • Doug asked if there was interesting in developing a ticks clock. He will develop a proposal and send it around.
  • Eli mentioned that 4MOMs wants to do a hardware based hack-a-thon. Not a lot of details at this point. Eli will get more info.
  • Starting next month, the Tesla club will me 2nd and 4th Wednesday. Starting at 7:30pm!
  • Pittsburgh Mini-MakerFaire will not be held by the Children's Museum This Year
    • In talks with tech shop to have it hosted this year (Hopefully Science Center).
  • Greg proposed add electronically controlled lock for the garage door

New Business

  • A committee has been formed to review the bylaws
    • Thanks to all members that have been reviewing the constitution and providing input
      • All members in attendance unanimously vote to approve the proposed changes. The official results will be posted via email.
  • Decided not to host a booth at Detroit

Move to Adjourn

  • Gene moved to adjourn
    • Jim seconds
    • Meeting adjourned at 8:01pm