Member Meeting Minutes for July 26, 2009

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Minutes by Agenda Topic


  • The license plate design is approved
  • Pre-orders will be taken
  • A link for pre-orders will be posted to the blog
  • Revenue generated will be used to buy a few additional t-shirts for ad-hoc sale


  • The group would like a Flickr account
  • It would be nice to have a pool so other group members photos can be included

Mailing List

  • A mailing list would help keep updates flowing to the group
  • It would also protect user's private email addresses

Consistently using BCC would be sufficient for me, but a mailing list is also fine. --Finsprings 16:38, 26 July 2009 (EDT)

Events and Calendar

  • We're having trouble communicating events to the group
  • We haven't made the calendar as widely known as we could have
    • Can we get it on the front page of the .org?
    • Yes, Forest already knocked it out
  • We don't want to overwhelm things with Twitter, Facebook, Google Groups, the forum, the wiki, etcetera
  • Is there a way to automate replication of event announcements, blog posts, calendar items, etcetera through all the social media channels?
  • It seems like the best approach is to use the blog to originate announcements
    • Push to other social media e.g. Facebook, Twitter
    • Can we connect the Calendar and the Forum with the blog
    • Where does RSS fit?
  • Could we document a process for posting events and then monitoring comments on the various outlets?
  • No real conclusions were reached, may take it to the forums

Urban Treehouse

  • An organizational meeting is being held Thursday
    • The meeting is not HackPittsburgh specific
  • Nick provided an overview of the group
    • They provide wood to artists from fallen trees, etcetera
    • Artists make projects with the wood
  • Nick discussed collaboration with them
    • Does anyone with an engineering background want to apply to the program?
    • Would anyone with an electronics background want to help artists with their projects?
  • Would we consider an intro class teaching lighting, LEDs, etcetera?


  • Yesterday's class was recapped
  • What is the policy for having shop members around during classes?
    • Courtesy should be observed, keep it quiet, no bandsaws, etcetera
  • Marty is working on guidelines for hosting classes
  • Marty also has waivers
  • We'll set up for Arduino 2 (Physical Pixel) on August 29


  • Inspection by the city occurs next week-ish
  • Acoustics were discussed
    • Fireproofing was discussed in relation to acoustic treatments


  • We are technically eligible for an intern
  • We have things for an intern to do
    • Write grant applications
    • Solicit donations
  • We don't have someone to manage an intern yet

Redd Up

  • We'll have shop cleanup on Tuesday
  • Nick will post it to the calendar


  • Nick recapped account balance
  • Rent can be indexed based on membership
    • This has been confirmed with the landlord
    • This pretty much ensures sustainability of the space (!)


  • Manufacturing Assistance Center
    • Nick will follow up with blog and forum post
  • Google AdWords
    • They'll be removed
    • They're not making us any money
  • Amazon affiliate program
    • Benefits re-enumerated

Action Items


  • Get Arduino 2 scheduled for 8/29
    • Get EventBrite set up (done)
    • Add event to the Google Calendar (done)
    • Get forum post in place (done)
    • Get blog post in place (done)
    • Get Twitter announcement out (done)
  • Get meeting minutes posted to the forum (done)


  • Set up t-shirt blog entry and order form (done)


  • Set up Flickr account and pool, communicate to group (done)
  • Post class hosting guidelines and waivers


  • Set up the mailing list, communicate to group
  • Follow up on Ruby class


  • Post a description of the tree project to the forum
  • Solicit group members for involvement for the treehouse project
  • Post Redd Up to calendar and blog (done)
  • Post blog entry and forum post about MAC


  • Enable RSS for the forums
  • Investigate getting the Google calendar on the front page of the .org (done)