Member Meeting Minutes for July 22, 2020

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HackPGH member’s meeting minutes for July 22, 2020

Call to order

Becky Zajdel called the meeting to order at 7:36 PM


  • Simon Heath, President
  • Becky Zajdel, Secretary
  • Asher Klick, Treasurer
  • Adam Longwill, Board Member
  • Chris McCann
  • Taylor Huston
  • Kwame Wright
  • Samantha Black
  • Jacques Parker
  • Andrew Campbell
  • CW Kreimer
  • If I forgot your name, please let me know...

COVID, mold, and accepting new members

  • Allegheny County is still "green", despite a large resurgence in COVID cases. Our commitment to member safety is absolutely paramount.
    • Everyone will be required to maintain 6 ft of distance, wear masks, hand wash, etc.
  • The Board has had many people ask to join. We want them to! We need the money! Here are the rules we came up with:
    • Tours and training must be pre-scheduled. No walk-ins.
      • Steve and Becky are looking into filming a virtual tour for HackPGH. This will not only be helpful during COVID, but in times of bad weather and for those with disabilities. We have video production friends at WorkHardPGH that may be able to make this a high-quality online tour!
  • IN-PERSON tours and training will be limited to six people TOTAL (including the leader).
    • Visitors/potential new members must get their head scanned (via the new thermometer gun donated by Becky), wear a mask, and not touch any of the shop items. Surgical masks will be available for those who forget or have a broken/improper mask.
  • The Board will be installing new hand sanitation "stations." Our cleaning supplies are well-stocked, and new cleaners are hard to come by. Please consider picking up an extra lysol spray or cleaner if you see it at the store and donating it to hack!

Shop news

  • Nominations for our open Board Member position are now OPEN! We will be accepting nominations for about a week, and Board elections will be held online beginning August 1st, 2020. Simon Heath will be stepping down from his position as President and we thank him for his service!
    • Please note, you will be not be voting for a new President. Board Members are elected in general and then officer positions are decided between the Board proper.
  • Classes. We are considering approving small in-person classes such as jewelry-making and welding. The maximum number of students allowed will be three.
    • We are looking into offering virtual classes for topics such as arduinos and computer-building.
    • Please contact Asher if you would like to help us with this! They would like helpers for video recording classes. Another option are the folks at WorkHardPGH!
  • The Board was interviewed by the Pittsburgh City Paper regarding how makerspaces are surviving and thriving during COVID. Protohaven was also interviewed. Becky tried her best, she promises.

Shop finances

  • We have about $6,800 (including PayPal funds and our bank account). We aren't dead yet, but we aren't comfortable either.
    • The only funds that have not been included in this total are checks and cash (from vending, laser payments, and mailed/drop off membership payments). We are assuming this will total $200 maximum. This will be counted soon and added to next month's financial report total.
    • That gives us only about three months of operating expenses.
  • HackPGH will be operating on a shoestring budget when possible. This means rent, insurance, and utilities are our primary financial concerns.
    • The second tier of importance includes cleaning and sanitation supplies. Please let the Board know if we are short on hand sanitizer, cleansers, toilet paper, and/or paper towels.
    • Water and coffee will always be provided for free to our members. These items are donated by the amazing Tyler Mountain Spring Water Company. Please let the Becky know if bottled water is in short supply or if the fridge filter needs to be replaced.
    • Bring your own snacks and food, as vending items will not be purchased again until we secure more money.
    • If a tool breaks, please try to fix it yourself or post on Slack before asking us to replace it.
    • Thank you to our amazing member, Chris McCann, who donated $500!
  • Fundraising ideas? We are all ears. Every little bit helps. The Board's efforts:
    • Meta Mesh (Adam and Becky's charity) is looking into donating what they can to HackPGH.
    • Becky is currently pursuing three financial avenues:
      • Wal-Mart NPO grant
      • CostCo $5,000 grant (completed, takes 4-6 weeks for approval)
      • She spoke to an investor who originally wanted to set up a TechShop-like place in the city. She's trying to get him to donate to Hack instead. Anything is possible!
    • Asher is setting up a Facebook fundraiser for their birthday.

Gentle Rule Reminders

  • Children aged seven and under are NOT allowed in the shop, even with a parent or guardian. This is for their safety and for the good of the organization, as it allows us to keep our insurance.
  • Garbage
    • Garbage CANNOT be placed in the alley (Watson Street). It MUST be taken up and around in front of the building on Fifth Avenue every Monday night for Tuesday AM pickup! We were fined last week because multiple bags were left in Watson Street. We have garbage guidelines as well as the city pickup/recycling calendar posted on the white board right inside the Jumonville entrance.

Move to adjourn

  • Adjourned at 8:35 PM
    • Minutes by Becky "The Icebox" Zajdel