Member Meeting Minutes for January 5, 2011

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Minutes by Agenda Topic

Attendees: Matt S, Mandy, Matt B, Val, Doug, Jon, Ed, Jeff, Tim, Chris T, Logan, Alex

Called to order at 7:24pm.

New Members

  • Alex - In person.
  • Shane - Not in person.

Recent Events

  • Fri Dec 17: Origami and other craft ornaments!
  • Tue Dec 21: HOLIDAY Party! OTB 2512 Carson.
  • Tue Jan 4: Lockpicking group meeting - another attendance record set! > 10 people showed up.

Upcoming Events

  • Fri Jan 07: Sayan - Arduino and Android
  • Sat-Sun Jan 08-09: SHOPCATION!
  • Thu Jan 13: Knot tying group meeting
  • Fri Jan 14: Derrick - Transportation
  • Sat-Sun Jan 15-16: InterHackerspace Synchronous Hack-a-thon & Cupcake Challenge
  • Fri Jan 21: Matt B - Inkscape and Eggbot
  • Fri Jan 28: TBD - Crafts of some kind

Shop Updates

  • Lease negotiated for '11 and beyond.
  • CO Detector (over near the payphone) - thanks to Val!
  • Projector! - Thanks to Tim we now have a nice spiffy NEC VT770 projector.
  • Lock box - Combo to be changed after the meeting.
  • Shelves - Status update from Josh?
  • Insulation - update from Tim. Chris T has donated roll'o'insulation.
  • HackerSpace phone system - update from Chris! 42424 - rings in Rochester, we are 11-100. Are we ready to go live?

Project ideas suggested:

  • Recording Friday Night talks.
  • HackPGH sign for the alley - Ed and Jeff have acquired the acrylic...
  • Tracking PAT busses - Jeff brought this, Matt, Sayan, and Tim are interested. Jeff is going to coordinate via the wiki.
  • Art/Tech fusion projects - Ed wants to get involved in some more-than-one-day Art/Tech fusion projects.
  • Security B-Sides - Chris T - Unconference. Folks (outside HackPgh) in Pittsburgh are considering an event in the Spring. Things are in the beginning of the planning phase. No charging for the conference. No vendor booths, no lead generation. One day.
  • PowerWheels - need to get welding sorted out.
  • BatSignal for HackPgh - Carbon Arc Lamp - Jeff heading up project - long sleeve shirt needed.


We have 5 council seats, at least three -must- be filled. Additional details from Matt if/as needed. Ed and Logan nominated last meeting, any additional nominations tonight?


  • New council member election - after discussion, we voted both in by acclamation.
  • Motion to adjourn: 8:23pm