Member Meeting Minutes for Jan 7, 2015

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Minutes by Agenda Topic

  • Attendees:
    • Chad
    • Eli
    • Scott
    • Gene
    • Bob
    • Steve
    • Geno
    • Jon
    • Alex
    • Anthony with Millie
    • EJ via GoogleTalk
  • Called to order at:
    • 19:45

New Members

Recent Events

  • Dec 19th Artemis (just because)
    • "It was a fun time! It was cool."

Upcoming Events

  • Music and technology
  • Tesla
  • Finish Friday

Upcoming Classes

  • Theremin Class - 17th of January
    • Noon to 4pm
    • Tickets half sold (5)
  • Intro to Arduino Software - Physical Pixel - Feb 7th
    • Noon to 4pm
    • Advertise
  • Processing Class - February 28th
    • 10-4pm

Potential Evening talks/events

  • GIS talk (Geographic Information Systems) - James

Learning Tracks

  • Arduino Track
    • Next up... Physical Pixel is next. Dyode after that.

Shop Projects / Updates

  • Window Lights project
    • Might be able to do a bigger installation on the side of the building. Need to talk with Dale.
    • No updates
  • Tool Power E-Stop
    • No updates
  • Power wheels
    • In sleep mode, until two weeks prior to the next event.
  • CNC Router
    • No updates
  • Laser Cutter
    • Working...
  • 3-D Printer
    • Can haz calibration... It's good to go.
    • New heater Bed needs to be purchased (faster heat time). The part has been identified and will be purchased shortly.
    • Need more filament, or do we go to PLA? Maybe both.
  • New RFID Door
    • Mounted, needs to be setup
  • Dues Cash Payment System
    • Have the bill reader and Pi.
    • Need to get box.
    • Needs to be programmed
    • Until then, If you want to pay dues with cash or other merchandise, fill out an envelope, and hand it to Gene.
    • Do not use the vacuum for dues. Kay, thanks, bye.

Old Business

  • Laser Cutter Chiller
    • Going to borrow Gabe's chiller and see how it works.
    • We will see how this works and will make a decision afterwards
  • Server Cabinet Going... Going... Gone!
  • The board would like to hear member inputs about how dues and card access should be coordinated.
    • Thought about pre-paid discounts. Discount the 6month payment.
    • Dues payments are on a monthly based
    • Active from the date paid, to 30 days from the date paid
      • 2 against, 9 in approval.
      • Motion carried.
    • Question about the grace period
      • Discussion: Would like the grace period to be decided and published by the board. EJ noted that he would like no grace period.
      • We will provide a notice 7 days in advance of the expiration.
      • Motion to vote Alex, Doug seconded.
      • Motion carried.
    • Discussion on the floor to provide discount for the 6 month payment.
      • Motioned to table for board meeting to discuss finances.
      • Gene, Jon seconded. Motion carried.
  • Doug motioned that we shouldn't drink until after the meeting has closed.
    • Generally approved by most members.
  • Wiggle Whiskey
    • Laser Cutter Event
    • They got back saying it's frowned upon in the Whiskey Community to do it that way (Cheating) but they would like to do an event.
  • Attack Theatre
    • Dirty Ball Invitation
    • It's a one night event. They find a warehouse that is empty. Build it out for a month in advance, and then throw a party.
    • They would be interested in making something interactive for the event.
  • Election Committee
    • Nominations are due Jan 21st

New Business

  • Laser Microphone Class
  • Another Build Your Own Antennas Class
    • Adam wanted to teach this. Something other than wifi antennas
  • Open Shop Night
    • Chad suggested that we consider having an open shop night where we let non-members use some tools, not all. Chad's point is to get people that are interested to come in and learn about the shop. He doesn't want all the tools available to incentivize becoming a member. Discussed, but there was talk that some some members think it would be a good idea to allow the Laser cutter with assistance from a member. This was tabled, and will be discussed more later.
  • Sign Ideas
    • Chad has an idea, but the we were interested in having submissions from members and then vote on a design. This will be continued.
  • High powered rocket launch, Grove City - Field Trip!!
    • Sunday Jan 18th at 12pm to 2pm (or 6pm weather permitting), there will be a rocket launch where you can go to spectate.
    • Alex wanted to car pool from the shop. About an hour drive. Meet at the shop around 10:30am. Contact him.
  • Model train club would like to change the meeting to the Third Thursday of every month.
    • This is not an issue and has been reflected in the calendar.

What can we do to change the shop for the better?

  • Painted Lines on Floor.
    • Paints Here!
    • Volunteers?

Move to Adjourn

  • Bob motioned to Adjourn. Steve Seconded
    • Meeting adjourned at 20:26