Member Meeting Minutes for February 7, 2018

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Called to Order

  • Called to Order At: 7:30pm


  • Dave
  • Chad
  • Geno
  • James
  • Becky
  • CW
  • Jesse
  • Rob (hangouts)
  • Jacques (hangouts)
  • Steve Owens (hangouts)
  • Alex (hangouts)
  • Ryan (hangouts)
  • Gene (hangouts)
  • Eli (hangouts)
  • Adam Longwill (hangouts)

New Members

  • Robbie
    • woodworking,electronics, wants to learn metalworking
  • Steve
    • cad, music, electronics
  • Sean
    • Builds model rockets, likes microcontrollers

Guest Introductions


"You're not my real mom!!!" - Unknown

Upcoming Events

  • Expansion party March 3
  • Hack mold making, resin casting
    • Josh Inklovich
  • Special request from the board: Please teach classes! We need funds for the new space!!!
    • Email

Open for Discussion for 10 min

Shop Updates

  • Every major piece of equipment now has a procedure checklist and sign out sheets
    • Please follow the checklists and fill out sign out sheets!
  • There is an official HackPGH lost and found box on top of the safe
  • Reminder about ticketing system
    • Tickets currently near 3d printers, need better space in future
      • Parking permit, 14 days of temp storage
      • Parking Ticket, very important to make effort to contact person whose item you think this is! Take photo, send to list/Slack
        • Parking tickets are now only 7 days!!!
      • Up for grabs
      • Borked or Broken
      • Project Invitation
  • HackPGH to begin using Slack in addition to mailing list
    • Noisebridge in SanFran uses this
    • HackPGH board has been using it for years, its very popular with companies
    • Invitation to membership will be sent after meeting to mailing list
      • Move to vote on begin using Slack
      • Hangouts: Abstain, Yes, Yes, No, Shop: Abstain, Abstain, Yes (x11)
  • Designated area for Up for Grabs stuff
  • Membership to decide on the usefulness of stuff at HackPGH every quarterly shop clean.
    • Bring up for vote
      • Everyone on hangouts and in shop votes yes
  • New Space expansion
    • We are moving in by end of February (yes this is happening!!!)
    • Party March 3 (9th bday party + housewarming party for new space)
      • Sell some HackPGH merchandise to raise funds
      • Becky will help with food
      • If you want to help with party contact the board at
      • Slack channel for party
  • Shop is expanding (83 members to date woohoo!), more people, more potential problems, we voted on this a long time ago, this is a reminder
    • Strike system: 1 strike(stays for year), another strike (renew for another year). 3 strikes,
    • Board votes to kick member out. Majority vote.
    • There are new incident report forms (paper)
    • Reminder: There is also anonymous incident reporting form
      • Chad will hand out members handbooks soon (all this stuff is in writing)
  • Treasurers Report
    • We have $17,009.51
    • $3680 reserved for laser cutter account
    • $3600 for 6 months of operating expenses
    • $9721.51 cash on hand
  • Josh Inklovich
    • Program for youth from Garfield
    • Introduce 3 creative kids to HackPGH
    • Farming and making program
    • There is grant money for this
    • Use HackPGH as space for these programs

* Open for Discussion for 10 min

Project Updates

* Open for Discussion for 10 min

Recognition for AWESOMENESS

* Open for Discussion for 10 min

Move to Adjourn

  • Adjourned at: 8:52pm