Member Meeting Minutes for February 5, 2020

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HackPGH member’s meeting minutes for February 5th, 2020

Call to order


  • Nolan Cash
  • Tom Featherston
  • Sam Bassett
  • Quare Canady
  • Chad Elish
  • Rachel Ballance
  • Will Yu
  • Ben Art
  • Andrew Campbell
  • Taylor Huston
  • Sean
  • Rob Bedel
  • Beebo
  • Geno

Recognition of awesome

Nolan for building shelves.

Quote of the day

  • There is actually a second short circuit film!

New Members/Visitors

  • Sam Bassett with two t's

Old business

  • Need to ground dust collector
  • Need to clean up hand power tools
  • Need to get fuse thing for Planer

New business

  • Rob is working on a CNC keyboard
  • Spiceworks will be used for monitoring IT infrastructure
  • Nolan Built Shelves and has more work to do to complete that
  • Winterhack may turn into Spring Hack
  • Andrew is going to create grippier stairs via rubber covers
  • A paint/spray booth has been proposed
  • Adding a second table/work area
  • Taylor and Adam are going to implement a voluntary Jira setup for tracking and assigning tasks around the shop
  • Lockpicking club is getting restarted by Rob Bedel
  • Outdoor security cameras are going up
  • Tustin Tot Lot needs to get refreshed. Talk to Chad about that.

Treasurer's Report

Shop updates

Project Updates

Voting items

  • None today!


Move to adjourn