Member Meeting Minutes for February 3, 2010

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  • Welcome New Members
  • Recent News
  • Upcoming Events
  • Council Election
  • Wall Debate

Minutes by Agenda Topic

Attendees: Matt S., Dean, Marek, Mandy, Andy, Matt M., Chris (New!), Bonnie, Isaac, Val, Lorrie, Forest, Logan, Willy, Gwen, Doug, Derrick, Jon Speicher, Joshua Smith

Welcome New Members!

  • Welcome Chris!
  • Welcome Willy!

Recent News

  • Powerpoint Karaoke 2 Fridays ago.
    • Jim may have some video of it. We should get it!
  • Atari Punk Console workshop last Friday was a great success. All kits were sold, some twice. :)
    • Anyone who would like to get a kit but didn't have a chance, we have 25 more boards. Tell Matt S. or Andy if you are interested
  • We have a wall! It separates the workshop from the main shop area.
    • There is video on the blog!
    • Finishing touches remain. More discussion later.
  • Trash!
    • During the wall building, the big trashbins were bagged up. This sucked.
    • So: loose trash goes in bags, not in the big bins.

Upcoming Events

  • This Friday (Feb 5): Intro to Documentation Lighting w/ Bonnie and Matt M.
    • How to set up a light box at home
    • Bring cameras and projects to photograph!
  • This Tuesday (Feb 9): Make:PGH at HackPittsburgh!
    • Two speakers - Matt M. and Laser Harp, Marty and MakerBot
    • Surprise guided project!
    • Open discussion
    • NOTE: We need presenters for March, April, etc! Send email to
  • Wednesday (Feb 10): Discussion of Electrical buildout
  • Next Friday (Feb 12): Hacker Olympics!
    • Matt S. will get us started with our parallel Olympics. Details will be announced leading up to the event.
  • Friday After (Feb 19): Arduino + Gumband SMS
    • Sayan will show us how to use Arduino, a prepaid cellphone, and gumbands API to collect data from the Arduino
  • Sunday, Feb 19: Next members meeting
  • Friday, Feb 26: Intro to Ponoko
    • Forest will teach us about the Ponoko laser cutting service

Logan suggests a class on Mead! Ideas seems well liked

Council Election


  • Marty McGuire
  • Andy Leer
  • Matt Stultz
  • Matt Mets

Motion is made to vote in all nominees by claim. Seconded.

Motion passes with all "aye"s except for one abstention.

Wall Debate

Matt S. makes a proposal:

  • spackle the wall to cover seams between plywood
  • cover the bottom ~8 feet with whiteboards (which we have already)
  • shelving above for longer-term storage
  • move projection screen to the new wall
  • clears the current projection wall for shelves and workspaces

Doug makes a proposal:

  • projection screen in the center
  • shelves on either side

No decisions have been made.

Special Guest

  • Lawrence M. Hayhurst - Head of CMU Collaborative Machining Center
    • Proposed that CMU combine its disparate and limited machine shops into a larger collaborative shop
    • Trying to bring attention to this idea by example.
    • Inspired by Berkeley community machine shops.
    • Aware of other companies in Pittsburgh that also like the model. Might be able to make donations.
    • Might be able to help us acquire/test machines?
    • And help teach people how to use them!
    • Wants to make sure real machining skills are passed on!

Action Items

  • Anyone
    • Take charge of the wall!