Member Meeting Minutes for February 21, 2017

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Minutes by Agenda Topic

  • Attendees
    • Chad
    • Eli
    • Geno
    • James Hyde
    • Cathy
    • Jesse
    • Jacques
    • Bob
    • Josh Smith
    • Dave Coakley
    • Scott2
    • Andrew
    • Rob Marin
    • John Wetzel
    • Corey
    • Adam Casto
    • Gene (hangouts)

Called to Order

  • Called to order at: 7:34pm

New/Potential Members

Previous Events/Classes

  • Feb 18: Arduino Programming 101
  • 3D printer build
  • Feb 10: Flight Club

Learning Tracks / Classes

Potential Events/Talks/Classes

  • Scheduled
    • Feb 24: Hacking food and drink, Scott2
    • March 19: Intro to Welding, Akron Makerspace
    • March 25: Biohacking: The moral Imperative to Build a Better You
    • March 25: MetaMesh: Ethernet cable class / Talk
    • March 25: Raspberry Pi VPN
  • Talks
    • Adam PittMesh
    • John Lewis- PittMesh DNS/Server talk
    • Andrew - Gem making Talk
  • Classes
      • Simon Heath
    • John Balacko
      • Neopixels class
    • Chad
      • Edge lit acrylic

Shop Projects / Updates

  • Autonomous Power Wheels
  • Power Wheels
    • There is now a Chicago Maker Faire PPPRS race in 2017
      • April 22
  • 3-D Printers
    • Boxzy
    • Mendlemax
    • Makegear
      • Needs TLC
  • Lathe
    • DROs partially installed
    • Moved
  • Fabrication Station
    • We have an embroidery machine!
      • Bought Software, Good to go!
      • Training can start immediately!
      • Cathy to donate a computer for station.
  • Automatic dues payment system
    • Is anyone starting this?
      • Adam Casto will take over
    • Foo offered to help.
  • Vending Machine
    • Coin Hopper and Accepter here
      • Need to wire into arduino.
    • Chad has code if anyone wants to help with it.
  • Server
  • Twitter Sign
  • Vaccum Forming Table
  • Arcade
    • Needs games checked and removed if they don't work.
  • John Balacko
    • HackPGH sign idea. 9 foot long. Fits in between the two strips of glass blocks above garage door
    • John will 3d print a prototype to show us

Old Business

  • Safety Report
    • Need power to Fabrication Station still.
    • Need a few New Fire Extinguishers
      • Walmart or Amazon
        • CO2 for laser cutter, The rest ABC.
    • Bathroom door is now swinging outward
  • Need to test alarms, first members meeting of month
    • This needs done after next meeting!
  • Flammable material cabinet
    • Gabe's looking for one.
    • Feel free for other people to look.
  • Shop rearrangement
    • Shop area will be dusty part of shop
    • Welding curtain
  • Dust filtration system for HackPGH
    • John Wetzel and Andrew Campbell
    • Put it into one of the glass block windows above garage door
      • Green light. Proceed as requested
  • New Mailing List / Slack/Google Groups - Make it easy for everyone (inclusion)
    • Motion passed, New board will work on it.
  • Checklist for various tools to keep track of their condition
    • Will setup soon.
    • Need to buy small clipboards.
  • Tardis to Tekko Con?
    • John Wetzel is looking into it

New Business

  • ToonSeum would like is to bring the TARDIS to their fundraiser on April 22nd.
    • Vote on this.
    • All members present approve
    • James Hyde can help get Tardis there
  • April 4th: FIELD TRIP: Uptown Lofts Visit HackPGH
    • Vote on this.
    • All members present approve
  • Moving fabrication station
    • Removing some of the bin shelves
      • Jesse wants to do it during shop clean
      • Jesse will show detailed plans
      • All members present approve
  • Loft above garage door
    • Dave Coakley
      • All members present approve
  • Attach power strip into table
    • Get rid of trip hazard
    • Dave Coakley
      • All members present approve
  • Bins of old members
    • Need to find out who is paying and only allow people who pay dues or $5 a month for bins
    • We need bins for new members
      • Voting on standard bin labels
      • All members present approve
      • If you are past due 60 days on your dues, your bin becomes shop property
        • This applies to old members who we can no longer contact
        • All members present approve
  • We have a drill doctor
    • Thank you James Hyde!
  • CNC Machine upgrades
    • Go check them out
    • Thank you James Hyde!
      • James stresses that its your responsibility to keep the CNC clean

Project RollCall

  • Adam Casto
    • Turners cube
  • Bob Berger
    • Drawbot
  • Dave Coakley
    • Clamps to hold down work in laser cutter
  • Corey
    • Laser cut Hilbert curve puzzle

New Member Induction

  • Corey Lipchik
    • All members and board members present approve full membership
  • Robert Martin
    • All members and board members present approve full membership
  • Paul Kyros
    • All members and board members present approve full membership

Move to Adjourn

  • Adjourned at: 8:54pm
Meeting notes by Geno