Member Meeting Minutes for February 01, 2012

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Minutes by Agenda Topic

Attendees: Eli, Scott, jet, Logan, Laura, Dan, Sarita, Doug Called to order at 7:30pm

Upcoming Classes

  • Sat Feb 11th: Learn to Solder Arduino - Matt Beckler and assistants - one ticket left!
  • Sat Feb 25th: Processing class - val
  • Sat Mar ??th: Physical Pixel - Doug & ??
    • Picked date: 24th
  • Start thinking of April class possibilities
    • Elizabeth (previous member) indicated she'd be willing to do a soft circuits class 'in the spring' - under active schedule development.
  • Ticket prices/discounts for bulk purchases (yes, it has already happened).

Recent Events

  • Fri Jan 20th - Slide Rule How-To
  • Fri Jan 27th - 1-String Electric Guitar

Upcoming Events

  • Fri Feb 3rd: No Event! - we decided to make it our first Finish It Friday (lumber rack)
  • Wed Feb 15th - Elections for 2012 Council.
  • Fri Feb 17th - How-to Make Chocolate Truffles
  • First Wed of the month, ndEMS simplex net, 9:30pm (after our meeting). Doug has details.
  • See calendar for outside group use of the shop.

Outside Events

  • Feb 2nd - Geek Night - The Church Brew Works at 3525 Liberty Ave in Lawrenceville -
  • Feb 15th - WBAI show (fundraiser for station) is on Hackerspaces. They're giving away copies of HackThis and have asked all the featured Hackerspaces for stickers (30) to include with the books.
  • Pyrotopia - Being rescheduled, expect word/info soon.
  • Sewing class - at - Beginner's Intro class Mon Mar 12&19.
  • Potential Rope making - contact jet for details
  • Open Source Fab night - date TBD, jet to pick date offline.

Shop Updates

  • Snack situation update
    • Expired snacks tossed out. New snacks are snickers bars and cheeze-its
  • T-Shirt/Hoodies are IN!
  • RFID Door Project Update (Doug, et. al.)
  • News from talking to the Landlord/Electrician
  • January is refocus and clean up Month!
    • Raw Materials: Eli to contact Gabe, will try to get materials, etc. this coming weekend.
  • Possible funding/donation solicitation for large Friday night events (Laura)
    • Will put out call for donors for Truffles night, chip in in-advance for a share of the left-overs and to increase the total amount of chocolate.
  • Learn to sew class at Cut and Sew studio, East Liberty, Monday March 19th and 26th - RSVP this week since it fills up fast (Laura)
  • Outside groups using the shop (CMU/Romibo)
    • Laura to contact Romibo (Aubrey) to get her to the space (to make sure they want to use it), and to work out what they specifically need from us so we can work out a contract.
  • Thank you sign - just use Gabe's printer, send a thank you to the family - anything to include in it? (Laura)

Nominees: -- Scott, Logan, Eli, Doug

Motion to adjourn: 20:57