Member Meeting Minutes for Feb 18, 2019

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Called to Order

  • The meeting was called to order at: 7:39 PM


  • Chad Elish, President
  • Adam Longwill, Board Member
  • Bethany Klick, Treasurer
  • Becky Zajdel, Secretary
  • Adam Longwill, Board Member
  • Sean Guzek, Board Member ELECT
  • Phil Garrow
  • Beebo Esch
  • Alex Reasinger
  • Steve Owens
  • Rachel Ballance
  • Rob Bedel
  • Geno Soroka, via Hangouts
  • Joe Newcomer, via Hangouts
  • Jacques Parker, via Hangouts
  • Simon Heath, Board Member ELECT, via Hangouts

New Members

  • Quara'e C.
  • Gil
  • Marissa Botelho

Guest Introductions

  • No guests today!


“So long and thanks for all the fish!” - Douglas Adams


  • Don't leave shit on and unattended!
  • We plan on installing a timer on the soldering station so that hot dangerous items are not left on.
  • Be excellent to each other.

Past Events

  • Tools, training, and lots of fun things!

Future Events

  • Shop Clean Friday, February 21st
    • Please help clean the shop so we can be hospitable to our guests!
  • Maker Event called "PGH WinterHack" is being organized by Mpac.
    • PM Mpac on Slack if you'd like to help or volunteer
    • It is being held at the shop on Saturday, February 23rd from 2PM-10PM.
    • Please donate food or drink if you can!

Old Business

  • Elections
    • Sean Guzek and Simon Heath are Board Members elect
    • Elections close on Wednesday, February 20th at 8PM
  • Classes
    • A bunch of new classes on the way. We want to discuss with the members Akron's policy of splitting the proceeds 50/50 with the teacher as a possible incentive to bring in new classes to HackPGH.
    • We have a good number of people who will teach if this happens. Everyone wins.
    • Info
      • 50/50 Class price amendment
      • Teachers can get 50% of the profit from a class. OR
      • Teachers can donate all profit back to HackPGH. OR
      • Teachers can earmark all profit they did not take to a pet project
      • We need to define pet project areas (soft arts, laser cutter, 3d printer, etc.)

  • PGH Inclusive Innovation
    • Not going to happen because we no one volunteered.
  • HackPGH 10 Year Party!
    • Party Planner?
    • DJs, Food, Music
    • Budget $
    • We have been listening to members on Slack and in person, and we want to create a more transparent constitution.
    • Bethany and Adam will meet on tuesday to write constitution v3 which will be 777 for board members and 775 for regular members.
  • Updates will be sent out as the document is revised.

Shop Updates

  • Woodshop updates?
    • Phil is working all over the shop, including the ducts/HVAC.
    • Sean and Phil have been working on creating a stable CNC router.
  • Tool updates?
    • Sean has been working on improvements for the metal shop
  • Joe Newcomer is donating filament for WinterHack.
  • Outreach
    • Tustin Tot Lot
    • Proposal is due to go in front of the Art Commission in a week.
  • Air quality monitoring benches.
    • We would have a $42k budget

New Business

  • We need to discuss the shop clean, put out the vote for the things from last meeting. Where are we on the cameras?
  • And get members scheduled to teach training for tools we cannot do. Let's try to wrangle some volunteers tonight.
  • Volunteer Hours will be now be scrupulously tracked.

Voting Items

  • New Cameras and System.
    • $900. Included camera and server.
    • We will sell old cameras.
  • New Membership Level
    • The new board will send a vote out about this.

Project Updates

Recognition for AWESOMENESS

  • Michael "Mpac" for running WinterHack
  • Phil Garrow
  • Sean Guzek
  • Chad Elish

Move to Adjourn

The meeting was adjourned at: 8:55 PM

Minutes written by: Becky "The Icebox" Zajdel