Member Meeting Minutes for December 7, 2016

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Minutes by Agenda Topic

  • Attendees
    • Andrew
    • Chad
    • Scott2
    • Bob
    • Geno
    • Keith
    • John Lewis
    • Cathy
    • Andrea
    • Eli
    • Will
    • Jim Keener (hangouts)
    • Jessie
    • Harshad
    • Eris (hangouts)
    • Chris Yohe (hangouts)
    • JET (hangouts)
    • Alex (hangouts)

Called to Order

  • Called to order at: 7:41

New/Potential Members

  • Will
    • Knows some programming
    • Wants to work on Autonomous car/robotics

Previous Events/Classes

  • Andrew did some CNC training

Learning Tracks / Classes

  • Jan 7: 10am-2pm, Learn to Solder
  • Jan 28: Intro to machining class. 2 four hour classes. $60/class. Members only

Potential Events/Talks/Classes

  • Events
    • Flavor Tripping
      • Miracle berries
    • Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream
      • Liquid Nitrogen/Flavor Tripping Party Jan 14 2017 @7pm
  • Talks
    • Adam PittMesh
    • John Lewis- PittMesh DNS/Server talk
    • Grindhouse
  • Classes
    • John Lewis
      • Intro to Databases, Intro to Git
      • Soap Making class?
      • Make your own network cable
    • Intro to Welding, similar to SynHak
      • Lets drive to Synhak to learn welding
      • Contact Devin to set this up

Shop Projects / Updates

  • Autonomous Power Wheels
    • Working on servo improvements
    • John has his USB multiboot working
    • John has all source-code in the repository
    • May be going to California for race at end of Jan
  • Power Wheels
    • No Updates
  • 3-D Printers
    • Boxzy
      • BoXZY Repaired the machine. They replaced a few parts and oiled the machine.
      • New idler bearings, new stepper drivers, updated filament drive,
      • updated spring bolts, new pulley bolts, greased all bearings, new printhead, updated electronics wiring
        • We got new batteries for Boxzy UPS
    • Mendlemax
      • Needs Octoprint and we need training on it
      • Chris Yohe can help with this
    • Makegear
      • Being fixed by Chris Yohe, should be back by Dec 3DPPGH meeting
  • Lathe
    • DROs need to be installed
    • Andrew figured out how to install them
    • Need Gabe or Eli's help to weld aluminum
      • JET said he can help with this
  • Fabrication Station
    • It's now larger
    • Lets set up Scott's sewing machine
    • We have a silkscreen press
  • Automatic dues payment system
    • We've been setting this up for a year now... We've lost over $400 by not using the system. We need to either move on this or let the project die.
    • Jim needs to make sure the API can be accessed directly
    • Maybe setup on current wordpress website
    • Jim to have meeting with Chad to work on this
  • Vending Machine
    • Still needs a raspberry Pi Connected and/or payments to work.
    • Need a new lock for it
  • Server
    • Cloud with LED's which lights up when people access server
    • John is fixing the twitter sign, replacing with Pi
      • John is getting close with twitter sign, got a lot of the software done
  • Vaccum Forming Table
    • Jeremy Tiogar
  • Arcade
    • Needs to be rebuilt
    • Tardis

Old Business

  • Need outlets near mill
    • We have all materials, lets just do it
      • Eli wants to do it, need to cut power to shop area, Andrew will help
  • Vinyl Cut Open Shop Hours on door.
    • Cathy will do this
  • City of Pittsburgh Ornaments
    • They offered us $1000 for doing this.
  • Things that need done around the shop
    • Update Member Booklet
      • Members vote to make a PDF, email it to new members
      • Geno will do this
    • Maintain Computers
      • Update/Install Autodesk
    • Section Leaders Needed
      • Fabrication Station
      • Maybe Eli's sister
  • Ideas to keep shop clean,
    • More parties
    • More public events
  • Dale wants to talk about larger space with us. Made right here wants to partner with us.
    • Sent an email to her to talk. Waiting on her.
  • John Wetzel is offering to help us put gravel in parking lot
    • Waiting on 2 Quotes
    • Need to do it before it freezes
  • John Wetzel has idea to sell class stuff on Etsy or WooCommerce

New Business

  • We have a new Drill
    • Compatible with other power tools here.
  • New Sign outside to remind people to slow down!
  • Fire Safety check during next shop clean, lets talk to Anthony (he's a firefighter)
    • Oakland makerspace fire, very sad. We need to make sure we are safe.
      • Internet of things smoke alarm, sign up on the mailing list and get email if smoke alarm goes off
  • Holistic Brain, Jan 24, crowdsourcing capital, status report
  • We need a new digital controlled soldering iron, we gave ours back to Sarita
    • Geno found one for $80. Will post to list, get other members opinion.
  • 3D printer meeting, Xmas party Dec 14
  • We need to do Board Game (Analog Games) night again. Eli will host. Jim Keener will bring games. TBD.

Project RollCall

  • Bob wrote K9 code
  • Andrew is working on mill and lathe project

New Member Induction

  • Biju Obi
    • All members and board members approve
  • Keith Elliot
    • All members and board members approve
      • Got key
  • Rachel Brinkman
    • All members and board members approve

Move to Adjourn

  • Eli motions
    • Bob seconds
  • Adjourned at: 9:08pm
Meeting notes by Geno