Member Meeting Minutes for December 7, 2011

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Minutes by Agenda Topic

Attendees: Mark, Sarita, Dan, Eli, Doug, Laura, visitor Zack

Called to order at 7:40

Recent Events

  • Fri Dec 3rd, Egg-Bot Ornaments
  • Tue Dec 8th, LockPicking

Upcoming Events

  • Fri Dec 9th: Cyberpunk Cool-Off
  • Fri Dec 16th: Origami Ornaments!
  • Wed Dec 21st: Next Members Mtg
  • Fri Dec 23rd: No public event
  • Fri Dec 30th: No public event

Outside Events

  • Thu Dec 8th: Knot Tying Club
  • Tue Dec 12th: LoopPgh

Shop Updates

  • Wood has been claimed by Boy Scout troop and is out of the shop.
  • Ante-white-boards stuff from Matt and Mandy.
  • Sarita has hardware to hang the Flag needs help.
  • Estate donation from Charissa Hamilton-Gribenas.
  • Shop organization party after/during the holidays.
  • New council member needed, Matt S stepping down and moving away.
  • Scott Thomas elected to the council.
  • Motion to adjourn: 7:56 pm