Member Meeting Minutes for December 2, 2009

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  • New members
  • Recent events
  • Upcoming events
  • Treasurer election
  • Duquesne Law Clinic update
  • Door update
  • Heat update
  • Electrical build-out discussion
  • Handling member hiatus
  • 2010 elections

Minutes by Agenda Topic

Attendees: Forest, Doug, the Matts, Andy, Marty, Jon, Amy, Jim, Bonnie, Logan, Gwen, Derrick, Dan W.

New members

  • Logan joins us

Recent events

  • Art && Code
  • Four classes taught
    • Soft circuits by Matt M. and Liz
    • Arduino 1 & 2 by Matt S., Jon, and Marty
    • Intro to soldering by Andy for Duquesne
  • Nerdcore & Knitting Night
    • World premiere of Bonnie and Jim's Code Monkey video

Upcoming events

  • Friday 12/4: Bill Bennett, a First Robotics mentor, will discuss the program
  • Friday 12/4: Matt M. will head up Finish It Friday
    • Bring in your mostly-done projects and get them done
  • Friday 12/11: Deeplocal will present
  • Tuesday 12/15: DevHouse will hold its monthly meeting
  • Friday 12/18: Bonnie and Jim will host Hacky Crafty Holidays
    • Make cool crafts and have a holiday party

Treasurer election

  • Marty is our new treasurer

Duquesne Law Clinic update

  • Representatives will meet with the PCKIZ on Thursday
  • Topics of discussion will include advertising and mutual relationships
  • Topics will also include "getting to know each other"
    • We'd like a clear statement of mission
    • We'd like to know how we fit into that mission
  • Matt and Marty will represent
    • Follow-ons may include larger representation

Door update

  • Marty is almost done with the door for realz
  • He has an enclosure for the inside
  • Software is done except for logging to SD card
  • Volunteers are welcome to help with exterior enclosures
  • Marty will make a wiki page for it

Heat update

  • We have a heater!
  • It is a gas-based, temporary solution
  • Concerns regarding the smell were discussed

Electrical build-out discussion

  • Dan was roundly applauded for his electrical prowess and his handsome good looks
  • Matt M. will head up a committee to investigate and move forward with electrical build-out

Handling member hiatus

  • We've had an absentia policy from the beginning
  • This won't change
  • How do we handle extended absences?
    • In specific, what is our policy for people who leave owing work hours for a particular month and then want to come back at some later point?
    • Do they owe money for outstanding volunteer hours?
  • Vote: whether you leave or whether you stay, if you have not completed your volunteer hours, you owe the organization money. This means that if you resign your membership with an outstanding debt and wish to reinstate your membership at a later time, you must pay any outstanding debt in order to reinstate your membership at that time. This includes the monetary value of uncompleted work hours.
    • Vote passes unanimously.

2010 election

  • Council positions are up for reelection
    • Elections will happen at the second members' meeting in February
    • Nominations should happen at the first members' meeting in January
    • Nominations will close at the second members' meeting in January
  • If you are interested in serving on the council, start preparing now
  • Question: can only existing council members run for president?
    • Answer: the officers are elected by the council, this is in the constitution

Action Items

None specifically identified.