Member Meeting Minutes for December 15, 2010

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  • Recent Events
  • Upcoming Events
  • Shop Updates
  • Votes
  • Action Items

Minutes by Agenda Topic

Before the meeting, N3BPB Bill stopped by and loaned us as very nice HF antenna, and demo'd several instruments.

Attendees: Ed, Jon, Hans (visitor), Matt B, Val, Chris, Tim, Logan, Sayan, Jeff (arrived @19:43)

Called to order at 7:30pm

Recent Events

  • Fri Dec 3: Logan's Intro to Mead Making.
  • Tue Dec 7: Lock picking group meeting, new high water mark, 8 people attended!
  • Wed Dec 8: CMU Ham Exam - Congrats to Chris T and Matt B! And thanks to Tim for stepping up to VE!
  • Fri Dec 10: Matt Judd presented Occam, a parallel programming language for Arduino
  • Sat Dec 11: Pittsburgh Clojure Group - no shows. :-(

Upcoming Events

  • Fri Dec 17: Origami and other craft ornaments!
  • Tue Dec 21: HOLIDAY Party! OTB 2512 Carson. We need more stuff for the gift baskets! Posters for dispersal too!
  • Fri Dec 24: Closed: No public event: Christmas Eve
  • Fri Dec 31: Closed: No public event: New Year's Eve
  • Tue Jan 4: Lockpicking group meeting
  • Thu Jan 13: Knot tying group meeting

Friday Night event January:

  • Sayan - Arduino and Android - date TBD
  • Eggbot - getting it working with your laptop -- Matt B -- date TBD

Shop Updates

  • Lock box - might not be frozen closed.
  • We need to start putting the shop back in order.
    • There is a plan to build shelving to replace the metal shelves - Josh
  • Jeff/Ed - brought in 2 4x8 pegboards - they're up!
  • Insulation - under way, update from Tim, outlined plan, council approval for expenses. Chris T has some insulation he might donate if it isn't moldy.
  • HackerSpace phone system - update from Chris! 42424 - rings in Rochester, we are 11-100. Still some issues being worked out.
  • Shop upkeep: As per previous suggestion(s), we are now tracking volunteering on the whiteboard.
  • CO detector - Sayan has a sensor, but we need to get a real alarm, esp. in context of insulating the shop and the wall of fire.
  • Nominations for the council: Ed and Logan volunteered to run the open council spots. We'll have additional nominations from the floor at the January meeting.

Project ideas suggested:

  • Tracking PAT busses - Jeff brought this, Matt, Sayan, and Tim are interested. Jeff is going to coordinate via the wiki.
  • Art/Tech fusion projects - Ed wants to get involved in some more-than-one-day Art/Tech fusion projects.
  • Security B-Sides - Chris T - Unconference. Folks (outside HackPgh) in Pittsburgh are considering an event in the Spring. Things are in the beginning of the planning phase. No charging for the conference. No vendor booths, no lead generation. One day.


  • Motion to adjourn: passed @20:11