Member Meeting Minutes for Dec 3, 2014

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Minutes by Agenda Topic

  • Attendees:
    • Gene
    • Jonathan
    • Geno
    • Alex
    • Eli
    • EJ via Google Hangout
    • Chad
    • Anthony
    • Alex (perspective member)
  • Called to order at:
    • 7:41pm

New Members

  • Alex - goes to school at Duquesne. Interested in woodworking, and raspberry pi.

Recent Events

  • Movie Night Nov 21 - postponed due to light up night, will be rescheduled for Dec 5th

Upcoming Events

  • Dec 5 - Movie Night! - Does anyone want to host?
  • Dec 12 Analog Games Night
    • Need to touch base with Jim...
  • Dec 19th Artemis (just because)
    • The bio hackers are coming. It will be a fun time!
  • Dec 26 Closed: Day after christmas?

Upcoming Classes

  • Intro to Arduino Software - planned for January 24th Rescheduled for Feb 21st
    • Gene, Doug, Val for support
    • We need to advertise...
  • Processing Class
    • February timeframe
    • Not the 14th
  • Theremin Class - 17th of January
    • Going to get this posted

Potential Thursday Night talks/events

  • GIS talk (Geographic Information Systems) - James

Learning Tracks

  • Arduino Track
    • Next up... Physical Pixel is next. Dyode after that.

Shop Projects / Updates

  • Window Lights project
  • Tool Power E-Stop
  • Power wheels
    • Waiting for the next two weeks for the next event
    • Need to add something and fix the trophy...
  • CNC Router
    • EJ fixed wiring of the motors.
    • Started getting software up, but still in progress.
  • Laser Cutter (AKA Frickin Lasers!)
    • New Laser Tube needs TO BE [procured].
  • 3-D Printer
    • Can haz calibration... It's good to go.
    • Alex is proposing replacing heated bed for faster heating
      • Will put together parts list and send out to mailing list
  • New RFID Door
    • Mounted, needs TO BE setup
  • Dues Cash Payment System
    • Have the bill reader and Pi.
    • Need to get box.
    • Needs TO BE programmed
    • In the mean time, please work with Gene to pay dues by cash. Do not use the vacuum for dues. Kay, thanks, bye.
  • TARDIS fridge project is still on going... The materials are purchased. Needs TO BE done!
    • "There's paint over there. There's wood." - Chad

Old Business

  • The linux user group is looking for a location to hold a meeting
    • The LUG has something planned for the 16th, but would like to get something planned for January 10th, 2015 from 1-3pm or 3-5pm. We need to get a firm time by the next meeting.
    • In general, the second saturday of each month. If there is a conflict, they will bump the meeting to an adjacent Saturday.
    • We will see how the meeting goes and decide if this location works.
  • Instructables is hosting on competition for a project
    • There are prizes available. Must enter by Jan 19th!

New Business

  • Motion to approve Alex as the "laser guy".
    • Anthony Motioned. Jonathan seconds. Motion carries. Motion is approved.
  • Need to point the box fan away from the door
    • Jonathan offered to help point it away from the exterior door.

What can we do to make the shop better?

  • Painted Lines on Floor.
    • Volunteers?

Move to Adjourn

  • Gene motioned to adjourn.
    • Jonathan seconds.
    • 8:14pm meeting adjourned.