Member Meeting Minutes for Dec 2, 2015

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Minutes by Agenda Topic

  • Attendees
    • Chad
    • Scott^2
    • Eli
    • Joachim
    • Geno
    • Wesley
    • James
    • Jim Freach
    • John Lewis
    • Gene
    • Gabe
    • Michael (New Guy)
      • Builds experimental airplanes
      • All around tech guy
    • John (New Guy)
      • Into EE/Embedded Software/Linux

Called to Order

  • Called to order at: 7:34pm

New Members

  • Frank
    • Interested in building robots
    • Was here for Build your own game

Recent Events

    • Thur 19th @ 7p - Model Railroading Club
      • Many people showed up
      • They are storing their railroad on top of the shelf where the Tesla coil is, be careful
    • Fri 20th @ 7:30p - Learn to maker your own Video Game Talk 2 of 3
    • Sat 21st @ 1p - Music & Technology Club
    • Sat 21st @ 7p - Open Shop (for new members).
    • Mon 23rd @ 7p - Open Shop (for new members).
    • Wed 25th @ 7:30p - Tesla Club
    • Thurs 26th - Thanksgiving... Eat turkey!
    • Sat 28th @ 7p - Open Shop (for new members).
    • Sun 29th @ 12p - SHOP CLEAN
    • Mon 30th @ 7p - Open Shop (for new members).

Upcoming Events

    • Sat 5th @ 1p - Mechanical Club
      • James and Andrew will cover it
    • Sat 5th @ 7p - Open shop
    • Mon 7th @ 7p - Open shop
    • Wed 9th @ 7:30p - Tesla Club
    • Fri 11th @ 8p - Digital Games Night
      • Chad will host it
      • Should we move this to later. We end up not getting setup until at least 9p
    • Sat 12th @ 3p - WPLUG
      • Jim Freach will host it
    • Sat 12th @ 7p - Open shop
    • Mon 14th @ 6:30-9 - IEEE Autonomous Power Wheels Talk
      • Lets move December shop clean to before the IEEE talk
      • Dec 13th at noon
    • Mon 14th @ 7p - Open Shop?
      • Conflict... Move to Sunday this time?
      • Sun 13th 7pm
    • Tue 15th @ 7:30p - Members Meeting
    • Wed 16th @ 7p - PittMesh Working Group

Potential Evening talks/events

  • Eli, basic welding class for members only
    • Jan 2nd 1pm during mech club
  • Raspberry PI networking class: John Lewis and John Balacko
    • Probably January 2016
  • Learn Python class, Bob Berger, Simon Heath
    • Simon: Basic Python, Bob: Raspberry Pi, sometime in January 2016
  • Databases, John Lewis
    • John has presentation done, need to schedule later

Learning Tracks

  • Electronics and Embedded learning track
    • Jan 30 at noon Basic Electricity and Electronics, 3 hrs, Geno
  • Learn to Solder
  • Basic Arduino Programming

Shop Projects / Updates

  • Autonomous Power Wheels
    • IEEE Robotics society talk about it in December with Gene
      • December 14
    • Continuing to work on it for next year, try to make the car go racing speed autonomously
    • Come to meetings to find out more information, and help out
  • Power wheels
    • Next year, new car, new theme, possible team with multiple cars
      • If interested in joining or running the team, send email to the list. Power wheels is looking for new manager
  • 3-D Printer
    • Ryan Priore wants to help fix the mendelmax
  • Foundry project by Alex and Wesley
    • Trying to contact casting people from maker faire to help us
    • Joachim has a foundry, offering to help
  • Server
    • New google hangouts server!
      • Still having some issues
  • New Mill
    • Working great!
    • Digital Display needs ordered.
  • Fabrication Station
    • 4 moms chairs going to be stored in Paramount Building
      • They are going after the IEEE Meeting.
  • Welder
    • MIG
    • TIG
      • Need cart.
      • Need argon gas.

Old Business

  • We need to get rid of some stuff here at the shop.
    • Atm
    • Vending Machine
      • Being Updated again.
      • Gabe got usb controlled relays for it
      • Linux based system
  • Club brochure
    • Ryan Priore wants to work on that
  • Want to move to new automatic dues payment system
    • Wordpress plugin
    • Sharing the code with other Hackerspaces

New Business

  • Wesley wants to donate oxyacetylene torch
    • Use it outside, it has a cart with wheels
    • Getting tanks refilled is a bit tricky and very expensive
    • Acetylene is also dangerous
    • May have to reconsider
  • Bits to pieces (3d printing farm) and HackPGH may possibly be featured on WTAE
    • Bring up to vote
      • All present vote yes
  • Pittsburgh Bicentenial Parade participation, July 2016
    • Wesley brings up for vote
      • Eli seconds
      • All present vote yes

Project RollCall

  • Joachim is going to show an oscilloscope demo where you can hear Lissajous figures
  • Alex made awesome CNC'ed foam and silicone
  • Scott^2 wants to learn to pickle EVERYTHING, and teach us how to make unusual foods.
  • John Lewis is working on the google hangouts server
  • Frank wants to teach cybernetic robotics course
  • Wesley is making the World Tree out of twisted metal and ball bearings

New Member Induction

  • Ryan Priore
    • All board members and 2 members vote to make Ryan Priore full member
  • Alex Rojas
    • All board members, and 2 members vote to make Alex Rojas full member
  • Josh Nord
    • All board members, and 2 members vote to make Josh Nord full member
      • Need to give these members shop keys

Move to Adjourn

  • Gene motions to adjourn
    • Wesley seconds
    • Adjourned at: 8:52pm

Meeting notes by: Geno