Member Meeting Minutes for August 7, 2013

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Minutes by Agenda Topic

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New Members

Recent Events

  • Thur Jul 18: Soldering 101
    • Anthony will lead
    • lots of interest on
  • Fri Jul 26: NO PUBLIC EVENT - Maker Faire Detroit!
  • Thur Aug 1: Hard-drive rescue
  • Fri Aug 2: Artemis / BS about maker Faire projects
  • Sat Aug 3: Advanced motor control
  • July Fri tentative: soldering 101

Upcoming Events

  • Thur Aug 8: Detroit re-cap
  • Thur Aug 15: Panic! (PGH Mini Maker Faire)
  • Thur Aug 22: show and tell
  • Thur Aug 29: Pgh Mini maker re-cap
  • Sun Aug 18: PGH mini maker faire

Potential Friday Night talks/events

    • Hard drive rescue
    • Build a PBX
    • Costuming
    • Flat panel speakers
    • Shop Show-and-Tell (Quarterly) (mid March)
    • Reverse engineering
    • Stepper motor hack challenge
    • E-Bikes
    • Residential solar
    • Robot operating system
    • Anyone?

Unscheduled Classes

  • Welding class for members
  • Ham radio test (late March/April)
  • CNC milling
  • Q2 Learn to Solder (June)
  • Intro to processing
  • Arduino Track:
    • Learn to Solder (mid-late Aug)
    • Intro Programming (Done)
    • Intro to Motor Control (scheduled)
    • Advanced Motor Control (early Aug?)

Project/Shop Updates

  • Power Bill
    • Current Bill? 103?
    • Dan's sensor data? (Someone Please look at this!)
  • Window Lights project - lights in the windows!
    • Gene is working on syncing the prototyping board with the outside display (still)
  • 3D Printer
    • Is printing somewhat consistently, still not ready for public use, but see Eli, Chad, Jeremy or Anthony if you want to request to have something printed
    • Currently qualified MMax users:
      • Eli
      • Chad
      • Jeremy
      • Anthony
    • Add possible workstation for 3d Printer.
  • Server Rack / network
    • Still need to figure out billing. Dan's data vs. Killawatt
  • Security cameras
  • Powerwheels
  • Mugs - Gabe needs interest level/count
    • Will make a two dozen mugs to start with
    • Have not come in yet as of 7/17/2013
    • $15 each, $20 for mug customized with text at bottom
  • CNC Router
  • Anthony to setup class feedback form
  • Setup e-stop for tools
  • Gabe and Chad to work on RFID control for tool area
  • Fridge has been replaced (again)
    • Chad replaced both minis with full size fridge and setup a defined kitchen area.
  • JayPee has put together Artemis control interface, will leave with shop.
  • Gabe selling mini-band saw and mini-lathe, then use funds to buy small wood lathe
  • Install outlets on main work table
  • Geno is making signal generator for shop
  • Web site hosting
    • Will consider alternate hosting options
  • Children's museum is going to have 30 second spot, asked HackPGH to help produce
    • Chad offered to help
  • Pocket satellite - $300 to send effectively an Arduino to orbit or moon
    • Could be interesting if we can get funding
    • Will approach awesome Pittsburgh for funding

New Business

  • Oscilloscopes, misc items...
  • Hack PGH Get Hub Account

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