Member Meeting Minutes for August 27, 2017

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Minutes by Agenda Topic

  • chad
  • dave
  • geno
  • james
  • cw
  • eli
  • steve morrison
  • gary prischak
  • adam casto
  • rob martin (hangouts)

Called to Order

Called to Order At: 1:02pm


  • Made right here Uptown is opening its doors to hobbyists and small businesses
  • Techshop- Gad and Devin starting Protohaven: makerspace for former TechShop members
  • Building across from school lofts is off the table until few years from now
  • Space next door is still option
  • Buildings outside of Uptown are an option also
  • Laser cutter tube needs replaced soon. We have money to do it.
  • Becky compiled a list of 7 potential grant sources
  • We had a long discussion on how to improve HackPGH
    • Board will review the survey answered from last time

Move to Adjourn

  • Eli motions
    • Steve seconds
      • Adjourned 2:48pm
Meeting notes by Geno