Member Meeting Minutes for August 23, 2009

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Minutes by Agenda Topic

Attendees: Marty, Amy, Dan, Nick, Forest, Sayan, Lori, Josh, Matt, Jon, Derrick, Liz, Isaac, John, Pete

Monthly Recap

  • Two classes taught (Arduino build, lighting class), two more coming
  • Several new members
  • Couches!
  • Projects
  • Propeller pilgrimage
    • Matt gave a small talk about HackPittsburgh
    • Met a few interested contacts
  • Shopcation
  • Logo and flyer developed


  • Provisional constitution expired
  • Council revised the constitution per reality
  • Nick will ensure that the constitution is on the wiki with the latest revisions
    • Email membership for review
    • Vote to ratify next month

  • Are alternate versions available?
  • Can a less-masculine version be developed?
  • Vote held:
    • Unanimous vote: move forward with existing logo style
  • Derivative versions can be developed in parallel
    • Forest will make vector versions of the logo available
    • "Logo hacking"


  • Flyer
    • Forest solicited feedback for the flyer
    • Tagline should include arts, technology, DIY ethos
    • Flyer should discuss Friday night events (teaser)
      • "Free admission to Friday events?"
    • Add web address to non-tearoff section
    • A forum thread will be started to manage printing etc.
  • T-shirts have been submitted to the printer
    • We are waiting for the email saying that they're done
    • This should come next week


  • 501(c)(3)
    • Nick will participate in Duquesne's non-profit clinic
    • This starts in September
    • This may make us eligible for more grants
    • The setup would be free for us but cost $300 in government setup fees
    • We are already in line for participation
  • Current non-profit status
    • Our lawyer needs $150 to publish notice of our existence and non-profit status
    • Our lawyer will take care of publishing the notice
    • Council will approve the expenditure

Events and Classes

  • Class for programming the Arduino next Saturday
    • Registration is closed
    • We can take registrations from members until the end of the day today
  • MAC tour is this Tuesday
  • Lighting class on September 1 at 6 pm
  • Steve wants to do a Hackety Hack class sometime in the near future
  • Liz discussed a soft circuit class
    • We can help


  • We're approved for power
  • Duquesne Light is coming in next week
  • We can wire outlets and run conduit ourselves
  • Jon will provide the shop with a fire extinguisher or two :)


  • Sprout grant
    • It probably needs to be project-based
    • Further discussion to continue after the meeting adjourns


  • The existing heater is nonfunctional
  • The landlord wants to install electric heaters
    • The landlord will be responsible for providing heat


  • The lease is tied to membership
  • The lease rate is equivalent to membership fees per member
    • Our membership fee is $15/month
    • Our landlord requires $15/month/member
    • We'll need to cover utilities and capital improvements with other funding as a result
      • Classes?
      • Grants?
    • Financials will be discussed in the next meeting
  • Options for revenue were discussed
    • Workshops to build goods to sell?
      • Shopcation!
      • LED throwie kit?
      • Other kits leverage our knowledge in sourcing, packaging, and writing concise instructions
    • Allowing other groups to use the space

Work Hours

  • Can we institute a buddy system?
    • Safety and security
    • Just having company
    • Equipment use safety
    • Matt will put it up for a vote
    • Vote held:
      • Unanimous vote: open two volunteer slots per MWF night
  • Can we open the shop on days other than MWF?
    • Yes, the shop can be opened at any time, simply email to make arrangements
  • Should we be closed during G20?
    • Vote held:
      • 14 yeas, 1 nay: the HackPittsburgh will be closed during G20

Action Items


  • Ensure that the constitution is up-to-date on the wiki
  • Open forum thread for constitution discussion
  • Send email notifying members of location of forum thread and constitution, etc.
  • Continue pursuing 501(c)(3), keep the group updated


  • Make vector versions of the logo available for logo hacking
  • Continue to develop the flyer
  • Start a flyer forum thread (done)


  • Provide the shop with a fire extinguisher or two
  • Organize Shopcation September


  • Organize buddy system for volunteer hours