Member Meeting Minutes for August 18, 2010

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  • New Members
  • Recent Events
  • Upcoming Events
  • Shop Updates
  • Group Projects
  • Votes
  • Action Items

Minutes by Agenda Topic

Attendees: Matt S, Matt B, Jet, Mandy, Logan, Doug, Chris, Jon, Josh, Lori, Friar

New Members

  • JET
  • Chris

Recent Events

  • Jewelry night with Gwen and Derick.
  • Balloon launch.
  • Balloon celebration.
  • Egg-Bot with Matt Beckler.

Upcoming Events

  • Aug 28: UPENE is coming up, sign up if you plan to attend (
  • Sep 18: Matt and Andy Tactile Metronome class.
  • Sep 25-26: World Maker Faire in NYC.
  • Aug 28: Maker Faire RI.

Shop Updates

  • Electric
    • Have Dales electricians contact info, need to setup an appointment to get a quote.
  • Soldering irons for the shop.

Group Projects

  • Balloon will continue as a less critical project.
  • Power Wheels racing.
  • Looking for other major group projects.


Action Items

Find a new council member.