Member Meeting Minutes for April 4, 2018

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Called to Order

  • 7:31PM


  • Victoria Kerestes
  • Sean Guzek
  • Jared Jennings
  • James Hyde
  • Adam Casto
  • Becky Zajdel
  • Geno Soroka
  • Chad Elish
  • Dave Coakley
  • Rob Martin
  • Josh Inklovich
  • Eli Richter
  • Gabe Cottrell
  • Jesse Latimer
  • James Lomuscio
  • Adam Longwill (via Hangouts)

New Members

  • Ian Maclachlan

Guest Introductions

  • None


"It always seems impossible until it's done." - Nelson Mandela

Previous Events

  • 9th Annual Golden Luncheon (Sponsored by Rep. Jake Wheatley at Rivers Casino) on Monday, April 2nd
    • Made ~240 cups of ice cream for local seniors!
  • Impromptu EggBot event on Saturday, April 31st
    • We made nearly a dozen decorated eggs and posted them on Facebook. They were a big hit.

Upcoming Events

Shop Updates

  • Donations
    • We got some new stuff thanks to Todd Keebs Acoustic (A Bosch Company).
    • Electronics, tables, chairs, etc.
    • Still waiting on a soldering bench for the electronics station.
    • We need to go through and sort the donations ASAP
      • There was a suggestion to create a plaque and list all major donors on it
  • New Space
    • Holding off on electronics move for new space until we get the bench.
  • Access Control
    • Steve Owens and Chad are close to being done with a custom Pi based system!
    • It's mostly working.
  • Wild Apricot
    • They are raising prices from $70/mo - $90/mo
    • They have added new features such as a online store, and opened automatic payments to all plans.
    • We would like to Reduce to the $50 Plan
    • The board would like to pay for a year of Wild Apricot. (15% Discount) $1020 after discount would be the final discounted price for two years.
      • Rob motioned to bring it to a vote, James seconded it. The motion passed unanimously.
  • Fire codes!
    • We are officially up to fire code. We have three brand-new fire extinguishers (in addition to our CO2 extinguisher by the laser printer) and they have been hung up around the shop.
  • Garbage!
    • We will be instituting a sign-up sheet where members can sign up to take out the garbage and recycling every Monday night.

Project Updates

  • Victoria is working on a dress made entirely of paper and it will be featured in an "Eco-Innovations" fashion show.
  • Gabe is working on an LED light-bar.
    • Gabe is offering to install new lights, but we will be waiting to hear about the status of the grant decision. We will hear about the grant by the end of April.
  • Tustin Playground
    • Becky and Sean worked on a grant with two neighborhood locals (Jeremy and Daniel) to revitalize the Tustin Playground (currently called "Tot Lot"). However, the grant was turned in too late.
    • The good news is that this is one of only three RFPs (request for proposals) that the City has put out this year for this type of project. HackPGH is considering writing a grant for the next RFP by itself - most likely this summer. We have enough artists amongst ourselves to go at it alone.
  • James Lomuscio is a former member and the creator of 7 Birds. James wants to know whether or not non-profit organizations like HackPGH have any interest in taking out loans from a crowdfunded group of members (like Kiva, but with interest), rather than chasing grants. Honeycomb Credit is the company that is organizing aforementioned loans. He is merely bringing this to our attention.
    • By an off-the-record show of hands, most of the membership is interested in the Honeycomb Credit program.
  • There is interest in purchasing a wood lathe.
    • We need to determine the types of projects wanted before we purchase a new lathe.
    • Gabe has a contact with a newer wood lathe and will speak to him about donating it for a decent tax write-off.
  • Dave and Michaela, our welding instructors, have shown interest in acquiring a new TIG welder.
  • Members have also expressed interest in acquiring lockers.
    • Gabe wants members to give him a list of items they want in the shop and he will try to get them either cheaply or via donation.

Recognition for AWESOMENESS

  • Phil
    • Created restroom door from scratch and installed it!
    • Setup Rails for CNC machine and installed them!
  • Becky
    • Geno thanked Becky for doing a lot of work this past week.

Move to Adjourn

  • Adjourned at: 8:36 PM
    • Meeting Notes by: Becky
      • Becky signing off