Member Meeting Minutes for April 20, 2011

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Minutes by Agenda Topic

Attendees: Sarita, Doug, Jet, Matt S, Matt B, Eli, Carlos

Called to order at 19:30

Recent Events

Upcoming Events

  • Thur April 21: Morse Code Class
  • Fri April 22: APRS with Xaster and APRSIS
  • Fri April 29: Network Security: Gibson
  • Sun May 1: Video Game Shield Class

Outside Events

  • Weekend of May 6-8: International Steampunk City
  • Weekend of May 20-22: Dayton Ham Fest
  • Weekend of July 30-31: MakerFaire Detroit 2011
  • Weekend of Sept 17-18: MakerFaire NYC
  • Sun October 9: Pyrotopia in Braddoc looking for volunteers & art
  • Mini MakerFaire PGH tbd.

Shop Updates

  • Free Instructables Memberships
  • Make Magazine subscription donation most of the way there (IT'S THERE!!!)

Non Shop News & Announcements

  • Motion to adjourn: 20:08