Member Meeting Minutes for Apr 3, 2019

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Called to Order

   The meeting was called to order at: 7:39 PM


  • Sean Guzek
  • Bethany Klick
  • Beebo Esch
  • Steven Owens
  • Simon Heath
  • Gil Tygard
  • Aaron Baker
  • Sam Black
  • Chad Elish
  • Alex Reasinger
  • Adam Longwell
  • Phil Garrow

New Members

Aaron Baker

Past Events

Shop clean! Old busted tables being put up for grabs. Mill Moved! Need to move tools. Pegboard and white board to be put up if needed.

Future Events

  • Welding class second half.
  • Project Connect meeting at ??? down the street on April 8.
  • Member's meeting April 16

Old Business

  • Mailing List: Monthly mailing lists etc. Being set up by Simon.
  • Swag: T-Shirts, stickers, swag in limbo. Still in progress.
  • HackPGH Birthday Party - June 1
  • Dust collection: Should spend the money on the big components to get that off the table

Classes to Teach:

  • Talk to Bethany
  • Bebo Esch - Oragami, Chainmail, Soldering
  • Simon Heath - Intro to running a web server
  • CompTIA+ - Pittsburgh Info Technology Meetup; Wants someone to give a talk on microcontrollers and single-board-computers, 3rd Week of May. Looking for Volunteer
  • Chad Elish - Stamp making 21+
  • Sam/Chad - Moss bathmat class
  • Joe Newcomer - Continuation of class that folks already paid for - the Arduino class; also some classes during spring break
  • Phil Garrow - Pot throwing class, need wheels
  • Sam Black - Monitization, social media, marketing, entrepreneurship
  • Simon Heath - Soapmaking

Shop Updates

  • Adam Longwill - finished building the desktop station
  • Time to move the 3d Box out. Gift to science center, library etc?
  • New monitors for new station.

New Business

  • Sam Black - Maker's store corner debut during 10th birthday
  • Phone number for HackPGH information?

Voting Items


Move to Adjourn

The meeting was adjourned at: 8:30 PM

Minutes written by: Sean Guzek