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Our official logo in flickr (note the license!)


Colors from that official logo:

Lighter green: #989933
Darker green: #346633
Flesh tone: #ECCC79
Fist shadow: #750708
Iron metal: #EEEEEE
Iron handle and cord: #363636

These files can also be found on github:


These are cached versions from the github repo above and may fall out of date:

Media:HackPGH.license.ai - HackPittsburgh's License Plate Logo, vector format.

Media:HackPGH.fist.ai - HackPittsburgh's Soldering Iron Logo, vector format.

Media:HackPghIronMedSmall.ai - HackPittsburgh's Soldering Iron Logo, Medium and Small, vector format.

Media:HackPghIronMedSmall.pdf - HackPittsburgh's Soldering Iron Logo, Medium and Small, PDF format.

Media:Hackpgh_blank.svg - Blank LOGO - Inkscape format

Media:Hackpgh_fork.svg - Fork LOGO - Inkscape format

Media:Hackpgh_knitting.svg - Knit Needles LOGO - Inkscape format

Media:Hackpgh_screwdriver.svg - Screwdriver LOGO - Inkscape format

Media:Hackpgh_sonic_screwdriver.svg - Sonic Screwdriver LOGO - Inkscape format

Media:Hackpgh_spatula.svg - Spatula LOGO - Inkscape format

Media:Hackpgh_trowel.svg - Trowel LOGO - Inkscape format

Media:Hackpgh_wrench.svg - Wrench LOGO - Inkscape format

Media:HackPGH.fist.svgz - Fist LOGO - Inkscape format

Media:HackPGH.license.svgz - License Plate Logo - Inkscape format

Media:Robot-MMF2013.jpg - 2013 Pittsburgh Mini Maker Faire Logo Robot