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The HackSignal - HackPGH's "bat signal" equivalent out of common household parts

Goal: To build an extremely high powered mostly coherent light source to display cutout images on clouds.

Master ToDo

  • Source Carbon Rods
    • Carbon Gouging Rods for Arc Gouging (1/4")
  • Decide on/Source Materials for Parabola
    • Aluminum Flashing - but how to join it together?
      • Pop Rivets?
      • Chrome Tape?
  • Get a Garbage Can Done.
  • Build power system
    • High Amperage, lowish (50-60V) voltage
      • As much amperage as possible, lowish voltage.
  • Build arc PD controller
    • Coils and a spring - see the light source section below.
    • Source the mounting system, or make a mechanical design.
  • Build parabola
    • Plans below - need to decide between the two styles.
    • Solve the first style for a 20" wide mouth, 10" deep focal point. Would love some help with this!
  • Mount system Done.
    • Reinforce mounts with angled pieces to form triangles.
  • Test and refine (Kickstart for more funds?)
  • Build cutouts (HackPGH logo, others?)
  • Play with device


Light Source: Carbon Arc!

Power System: Unknown!

Reflector: Parabola!

its easy.. Coriolis effect... Build a turntable and get a liquid resin. Test it with water to get the curve you want, then remember the RPM setting. Replace water with clear resin and allow to dry... Used it before but froze the water to make an ice lens.  :-)

Links: Light Design!

Mangin.jpg ParaLight.jpg Jolin.jpg LeverCarbonArcLamp.jpg