Council Meeting Minutes for October 6, 2009

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Minutes by Agenda Topic

Hacky Halloween

  • Amy has reserved upstairs at Brillobox for 10/28 from 8 pm - 1:30 am
  • Andy and the Shockers will play for 2 hours
    • We may be able to do our own sound
    • Because of the band, we'll need to hire Brillobox's sound guy for $65
    • Jon will donate the $65
  • We may want to consider demos for the projector
  • Brillobox isn't charging, but isn't giving us a cut either
  • We'll collect money at the door
  • We may do a raffle
    • Kits
    • Classes
    • Months of membership
    • Etcetera
  • Best DIY costume award

Art && Code

  • Matt is waiting on a response

MAC Classes

  • We delivered a request for schedule and headcount
  • Nick is waiting on a response

Sprout Fund

  • Liz is leading the grant application
  • Marty has more information about cost, requirements for laser cutters
    • Ventilation and filtration were discussed
    • Cost was discussed

Geek Arts and Green Innovators Festival

  • No resources or projects have been committed at this time
  • Messages to the contrary are circulating on Twitter
  • We're interested
  • We need to get more information

Insurance and Liability

  • We need to start getting quotes
  • Liability was discussed
  • Membership agreements, waivers, standard safety procedures and equipment


  • Deciding a dues raise will be hard without knowing incorporation status and insurance
  • Deciding incorporation status depends on what we want to be when we grow up
    • High-growth and a grant target? 501(c)(3)?
    • A small, closed shop that keeps the doors open for its members and uses found/donated equipment? LLC?
  • Can we decide this tomorrow?
  • The lights need to stay on while we pursue either path
    • Minimum dues per number of members
    • Increase dues for 3 months and then reevaluate
    • Six month period is ending for the first members
      • What will the attrition rate be?
  • Can we decide dues tomorrow?

Action Items


  • Get filler music organized for Halloween party (done 10/25/09)
  • Forward minutes to Amy and Mandy, ask how we can help with Halloween (done 10/6/09)


  • Continue to follow up on Art && Code
  • Give Liz time to speak about the Sprout fund at tomorrow's meeting
  • Make sure GAGI is on the agenda for tomorrow


  • Continue to follow up on MAC Classes
  • Start getting insurance quotes