Council Meeting Minutes for May 24, 2012

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  • Scott, Eli, Doug, drue (guest of the council)

Website and Social Media

Most of the meeting was spent talking with drue about our website options and social media options/plans

Shop Access

  • New lock key status and RFID status
    • keys all made for the new lock, RFID work continues on FiniSH IT Fri

Shop Misc

  • Request for borrowing of our projector (see info@ email)
    • Declined


  • Special Election to replace Logan
    • We need to announce and schedule

Shop Direction(s) for 2012 - Tabled due to lack of time

  • Membership "levels"
    • Repeated interest from folks who want to belong but can't volunteer time.
  • Unblocked by electrical work
    • Electronics Station - still needs work
    • Craft area - getting attention
      • Leather sewing machine project
  • Robot parts: Eli will look at that and at finishing the shop shop reorg.
  • Shop cleanup:
    • Once a Quarter cleanup day (weekend, major)
  • Propose to members that we shoot for one workshop/class per month
    • We're stumbling on getting classes arranged/organized.
  • Friday night event planning
    • Not just talks
    • As with Shop Cleanup, maybe we relieve some schedule pressure with:
    • FiniSH IT Fridays (every 2nd or 3rd month)?
    • Game nights (Artemis or otherwise?)
    • Food event (every 2nd/3rd month, we've had Miracle Fruit, Truffles, Mead, and now Coffee)
    • Learn-to nights
      • Simple soldering? Yohe did a one solder joint Friday night event that was pretty successful
      • Learn to knit/crochet
      • Some kind of programming intro? (May be too long for a Friday night though)