Council Meeting Minutes for July 7, 2009

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Minutes by Agenda Topic

Work hours

  • There are a few events coming up
    • DevHouse 10 on Tuesday, July 21
    • Setup and teardown for DevHouse event
  • We should request member support for these events
    • Members can fulfill work hour requirements at these events
  • Discussion regarding work hours credits, dues


  • Building the Freeduino
    • Saturday, July 25
  • Consider a template for "how to conduct a class"
    • Put it on the wiki
    • Enable more participation
    • solicit feedback for good class ideas


  • Current balance in the account
  • Landlord has paid for some infrastructure support
    • Building permits
    • Code certification
  • AdWords and Amazon Affiliate programs are bringing in a trickle
    • What should we be advertising?
    • Can we target the group's interest more?
    • There are other affiliate programs to explore
    • Adafruit? Sparkfun? Maker Shed? NewEgg?
  • Discussion of scaling rent as membership increases
    • Useful idea
    • Will discuss with landlord


  • Nick will present HackPittsburgh to the KIZ on Thursday
    • Mention DevHouse
    • Mention classes
    • Mention Friday nights
    • Mention specific projects
    • General pitch
  • Discussion regarding an NSF grant for "new educational methods"
    • Worth looking into
    • Contact will follow up with Nick


  • Door repaired
  • Chimney leak repaired
  • Electrician coming next week
  • What would the shop need if money were no object?
    • Cover rent
    • Run power
    • Buildout
      • Shelves
      • General shop cleanup and organization
    • Tools
    • Open to general membership
    • Form a committee?


  • Committees were discussed
  • Consider soliciting a specific number of volunteers for a specific task
  • Updates at every members meeting


  • Discussion about membership
    • How to keep interest high?
    • How to keep momentum on shop cleanup?
    • How to make the shop inviting?
      • Cleanup the space
      • Make it a social space
      • Embark on large-scale projects


  • Proposal to move council and members meetings to a weeknight
  • Tuesday?
  • Vote at next members meeting

Action Items


  • Send email regarding volunteer hours for DevHouse


  • Post Freeduino class to the calendar
  • Volunteers to service on the finish painting committee
  • Volunteers to serve on the organization committee


  • Address concerns of members regarding dues and work hours on a case-by-case basis
  • Discuss member-variable rent with landlord
  • Organize the "finish painting" committee


  • Continue to investigate affiliate programs
  • Volunteers to organize and organization committee


  • Volunteers to serve on the organization committee
  • Will help with site migration