Council Meeting Minutes for January 5, 2010

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  • Finances
  • Duquesne Law Clinic update
  • Tax prep
  • Door update
  • Heat update
  • Electrical update
  • January events
  • January classes
  • Make: Pittsburgh
  • Elections
  • Miscellaneous

Minutes by Agenda Topic


  • Marty has all the statements of checking accounts, etcetera
  • We need a reasonable accounting of our PayPal transactions
  • Marty is going to do a month-by-month breakdown
  • This will include class margins
  • This will feed into tax prep
  • We're still solvent!
    • Checking and PayPal balances were disclosed
    • Some dues are outstanding
    • We will expect to exit January with 20 members
    • We should recruit

Duquesne Law Clinic update

  • No specific updates available
  • Marty will follow up with them on or about January 19

Tax prep

  • Covered above via finances
  • Marty has all of the legal documentation so we can get the appropriate forms

Door update

  • Matt M. has taken this project over
  • Everything is working except card logging
  • Bill B. offered to help with casing
  • We may run it as a test on the desktop for a while to get people used to badging in

Heat update

  • The landlord is still in the process of obtaining grant money for this purpose
  • This may require his PA 501(c)(3)
    • He hopes to have this by February
  • Matt S. has requested a meeting with the landlord and his business partner to discuss heat, funding, etc
    • This meeting could also help add perspective to our own 501(c)(3) status

Electrical update

  • Matt M. is working on a signup sheet

January events

  • Bill G. from PCKIZ 1/8
  • Derrick will do train communications overviews
  • Derrick will do PowerPoint karaoke
  • Final Friday event is still open

January classes

  • None scheduled yet
  • Potentially a sensors class
    • Marty and the Matts will try to get things together this week
  • Hopefully a LilyPad class
    • Code and circuit are done
    • Need to sew it up, make slides

Make: Pittsburgh

  • Overview of the concept
  • This is the seed that you need to host a Maker Faire in your area
  • It's a once-a-month, noncommittal group
  • The Matts are taking this on but have no specific updates
  • Matt M. will approach the PCKIZ about this


  • We'll get a proposal put together this week
  • We'll present it to Bill on Friday


  • Nominations open tomorrow
  • Proposal for reduced council of 3 put to membership tomorrow
  • Voting on council of 3 proposal will happen on the Sunday meeting this month
  • Nominations are closed on the Sunday meeting this month
  • Voting for the council will be on the first Wednesday meeting in February


  • Unanswered emails
    • Emails in the info account were reviewed
    • Matt will handle the California materials request
    • Jon will field questions about the LilyPad class
  • Whiteboards!
    • Forest will have them here tomorrow!

Action Items


  • Get financial breakdown moving
  • Follow up with Duquesne Law Clinic
  • Begin tax process
  • Work on sensors class
  • Add input to PCKIZ proposal

Matt S.:

  • Work with Mandy for the ad proposal for Friday with the PCKIZ
    • Put on Google Docs
  • Assist Marty with PayPal transaction records
  • Work on sensors class
  • Work on Make: Pittsburgh

Matt M.:

  • Work on Make: Pittsburgh
  • Add input to PCKIZ proposal
  • Work on sensors class


  • Work on Make: Pittsburgh
  • Add input to PCKIZ proposal
  • Whiteboards!!


  • Add licensing to course materials (done 1/6/10)
  • Handle California materials request email (done 1/7/10)
  • Handle LilyPad class request email (done 1/6/10)
  • Continue LilyPad class work (in progress 1/6/10)
  • Add input to PCKIZ proposal (done 1/8/10)
  • Set up agenda for tomorrow's meeting (done 1/5/10)