Council Meeting Minutes for February 29, 2012

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Scott, Doug, Eli, Logan


  • Shop Access
  • Officers
  • Shop Misc.
  • Friday Night Events
  • Member collaboration

Shop Access

  • Short one set of keys


  • President: Scott
  • Secy: Logan
  • Treasurer: Doug
  • At Large: Eli

Shop Direction(s) for 2012

  • Cleanup: Declare done when shop shop area is done.
    • Consult with Gabe on wood disposal.
  • Electric: Waiting for reply. Doug will ping again.
  • Robot parts: Eli will look at that and at finishing the shop shop reorg.
  • Shop cleanup:
    • Once a Quarter cleanup day (weekend, major)
    • After 1st members meeting of the month, tidy-up hour
  • Jr. disposition - ask membership for use, ROI, etc.
  • Propose to members that we shoot for one workshop/class per month
  • MMFPgh Sept 22 tentative date
  • Balloon Wednesday night between two March meetings.
  • Powerwheels Monday after coming members meeting. Drivers Wanted!
  • Scott will talk to Unblurred re: April 6th