Council Meeting Minutes for February 14, 2010

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Council Members

  • 12:16 Matt Stultz Voted in as President.
  • 12:17 Marty voted as treasurer
  • 12:21 Andy voted as secretary
  • 12:22 Matt Metz voted as AT LARGE COUNCIL MEMBER
  • New TODO: Have business cards made for Matt Metz and Andy Leer
  • New TODO: Members List (google docs) Email List (google doc) access for andy and mattz
  • New TODO: Look into mass mailing list software


  • no changes since last council meeting

Current Shop Projects/limbo

  • Lawyers - meeting March 8th @ 2pm. (Official Documents, balance non profit with liability protection)
  • Door - SD card needs to working (Sunday feb. 21st Door work)
  • Electrical Update - PLan and understanding of code and measurements (price then order of operations)
  • Wall spackle and paint top chunk and white boards to bottom - molding on the bottom

Upcoming Events

  • MakePGH
  • DevHouse
  • Classes
    • Potetional soft circuits
    • Follow up on Arduino with John Speicher (Stultz)
    • Audio Class
  • Friday Night Activities
    • 19th Gumband and Lighting
    • 28th Ponoko with Forest
  • HackPGH Birthday Party


  • Look into full size van rentals for events (12 seater)

Action Items

  • Andy
    • Put up minutes on wiki
    • Door work with mattz on 21st
    • Contact AES regarding audio class
    • Research Van Prices
  • Matt Stultz
    • Calendar
  • Marty
    • Continue with door enclosures
    • Blog Post for Hacker Olympics
    • Update on HACKPGH B-day party
  • Matt Metz
    • Door work on 21st
    • Electrical meeting
    • Lighting Class